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One of the few available photographs of Fedora Redditor Soyjak.

Fedora Redditor Soyjak is a Soyjak serial killer who is responsible for the death of dozens of Soyjaks and asylum patients (mainly those allowed an Internet connection). True to his name, he is an avid Reddit user and troll. He holds the rank of Epic Soy Lord. There are only a few confirmed photographs and sightings of this murderer, due to his teleportation abilities and hit-and-run attack style, but forensic evidence has linked together all of his killings. He is believed to have ties to hacking groups such as 4channel, Anonymous, and Lizard Squad. Unfortunately, he is still on the run, and he has evaded every attempt to capture or kill him thus far.

Murders[edit | edit source]

Fedora Redditor Soyjak has an obvious agenda which has been proven by peer-reviewed studies; he attacks those who challenge him in online arguments, defeat him in soy duels, or express political opinions online that he disagrees with. His killings are swift and brutal, most of the bodies either found with only one stab wound, or cloven asunder. If you see him, which is unlikely to happen if he is hunting you, flee the area and get as far away from him as you can. Report the attack and location to your local meds vendor.

Only a few people have ever survived being hunted by him. Those survivors were put under witness protection, and given new identities and appearances. On rare occasions, his grudge against someone will be limited to petty vandalism and destruction of property.

Online presence[edit | edit source]

Among the many other crimes he is wanted for, Fedora Redditor Soyjak is a serial ban evader. From evidence found on his hard drives at abandoned hideouts, he is believed to have been banned from Reddit and 4chan thousands of times. He has reached quintuple-digit negative karma on at least a few Reddit accounts due to his extremely controversial opinions on Jews, transgenderism, and veganism. Attempts from Reddit's "Predditor drones" to enforce reddiquette using Hellfire missiles have failed.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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