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The original deformed soyjak, known as Emmanuel.

Deformed Soyjak, also known as Poggers Soyjak (nobody says this), is a soyjak variant that originated from Deformed Soyaks are identifiable by their enlarged eyes and prominent gap between their front teeth. While most deformed variants are based on Wholesome Soyjak, other soyjaks have been deformed in a similar manner.

The original deformed soyjak was based on Wholesome Soyjak[1]. Deformed soyjak is a controversial variant on[2] While some consider it poggers,[3] wholesome,[4] and a valid variant, others strongly dislike it[5]. In fact, the amount of hate towards it likely surpasses what impjak faced.

Deformed Soyjaks played an important role in the Soyvil War.

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