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The most common Ominous Soyjak. This version has been edited to remove white spots in the beard and glasses. [1]

Ominous Soyjak is a common Soyjak variant based on the Wholesome Soyjak. According to Jewgle, the definition of "ominous" (adjective) is:

giving the worrying impression that something bad is going to happen; threateningly inauspicious.

To achieve this bone-chilling aesthetic, ominous soyjaks are usually on a dark/black background. They are shaded around the face, to give the impression that the setting is dark and unlit.

He is similar to rapeson but while rapesons crimes are well documented, ominous and his motivations are cloaked in mystery

Origin[edit | edit source]

The original version of Ominous Soyjak was Posted in a thread which challenged users to make various edits of Wholesome Soyjak.[2] This first version sports a white background and a less intense shadow.


The Ominous Soyjak is seen as ominous because it features a calm, wholesome smiling man in an out-of-place setting. Dark environments such as alleyways are where violent crime typically takes place. The Soyjak's smile indicates he is perverted, and the sagging under his eyes indicates he is tired/antisocial. These factors suggest that the Ominous Soyjak is about to commit acts of violence, possibly of a sexual nature, such as rape. The ominous effect is amplified by the point of view of the camera. In most versions of the variant, the Ominous Soyjak is looking directly at the camera. This implies that the unspeakable acts he is about to commit will be directed at the viewer of the image.

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