The Splicesoning

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A legendary image celebrating the thread, depicting a group of splicejaks gathering round a fat-necked version of Tabjak[1].
The accidental gem

Origins[edit | edit source]

On March 6th, 2023, a chud accidentally stumbled across a gem while looking through his tabs and created the "splice thread"[2]. This spurred forth the creation of "splicejak" or “tabjak”[3][4]. While splicejak on his own would have been a gem, soyteens did not stop there and began to mix together various jaks, creating the forbidden alchemic art of ‘jak splicing.

Backlash[edit | edit source]

SpliceJak Histeria

The alchemy of splicing jaks is seen by many soyteens as anti-science and an affront to Dr Fauci. Out of fear of splicejaks and their potential, many are calling for their ban on the sharty.

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