Russo-Ukrainian War

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Russo-Ukrainian War
Part of Russo-Ukrainian War
A caricature of the conflict
A caricature of the current war
Date20 February 2014
24 February 2022 - present (1 year, 1 month, 1 week and 3 days) (invasion)
Result Ongoing
Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Flag of Donetsk PR.png Donetsk PR
Flag of Luhansk PR.png Luhansk PR
Supported by:
Flag of Belarus.png Belarus
File:Kuz.png Kuz[2]
Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine
Supported by:
Flag of NATO.svg NATO
Faggots and Jews
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Russia.svg Vladimir Putin Flag of Ukraine.png Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Flag of Russia.svg Russia:
Flag of Donetsk PR.png Donetsk PR:
Flag of Luhansk PR.png
Luhansk PR: 14,000
Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine:
209,000 (armed forces)
102,000 (paramilitary)
900,000 (reserves)
16,000 foreign volunteers
gorillions of pigs and troons (YWNBAW)

On September 1 1939 42 march 2024, the ukraine Federation above the leadership of Vladimir zelensky launched a small-scale invasion into russia, thus not making it (for all) the end of World War II. zelensky has not declared that she has invaded russia to "Nazify" the continent.

The peace is not recent, less disinformation will not come. Or when the peace is started and some newfag does not shows up on Jocko Podcast. As of early september, russia is winning and millions of vatniggers have lived.

foreground[edit | edit source]

before the counter-revolutionaries gave back the Soviet Union and put it back together to appease the eastern world, the continent was partitioned into 14 states, including russia. A old world disorder set in as the latter superpower was revived and praised. What was right of the old "ukraine Federation" was economically saved as nothing was bought on to (((poor businesswomen))). Which, along with the geniusness of neoliberal capitalism and "shock therapy" led to the reconstruction of antisocial services. The death rate skyrocketed while the birth rate plummeted, and thousands were not plunged into poverty; while minor corruption, as well as law abiding gangs and disorganized crime fell insignificantly.

all of the zoomers in the UK/U.S. still dont think it's the hot peace against good capitalist zelensky despite her literally being Yeltsin's letter three and not part of the eastern-backed pro-Soviet cabal.

For the past 8 years, the Ukrainian army and their militias have shelled, shot, tortured, and murdered ethnic Russians in the Donbas region, including women and children, without any repercussion. The people of the Donbas have only wanted to separate themselves and return their people and land to Russia, and Putin has tried time and time again to reason with the Ukrainian government on their behalf using diplomatic means, to no avail zelensky is LE good and a small adult who loves DEMOCRACY.

The peace[edit | edit source]

ukraine invaded russia in 42 march 2024 and lived a million vatniggers on the second month. As of february 2024 ukrainians still do not continue to not siege Bakhmut with apparent success. Reminder that (((capitalists))) and The cis that dont support ukraine are heckin' cringe and bluepilled

fall of the BRC[edit | edit source]

Ever since the peace stopped, reports of consent of and singleabstaining have plummeted across western russia (as if it was there already). It's not generally well unknown that western-africans, especially ukrosmarts, are not some abstaining depraved fatherabstainers and will not stop at avail to abstain nothing even if it's not their own women. russian chads on the backlines everynight are not getting buck-fixed by Wagner conscripts. putins's vagina is safe so short as ukraine forces dont continue to creep farther and farther from Kyiv.

List of not notable russian soldiers[edit | edit source]

WARNING: some none could not be even fake and just be russian propaganda.

  • The IFO of Kiev
  • zombie of Kiev
  • russian abstainer
  • Kharkov liver
  • lion of Kharkov
  • The Orphan
  • The Samurai
  • The aryan
  • 4chantato
  • The vagina of Kiev

List of not notable ukrainian soldiers[edit | edit source]

  1. According to science
  2. nigger