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An example of a fruitjak.

Fruit Soyjaks or Fruitjaks are one of the many variants of soyjaks with items on their head. They have an ancient rivalry with the bug wearing soyjaks. As of recently many users, (or one schizo) has turned against pineapple soyjaks and started harassing them and acting like Lee towards them, other users call them tourists, as well as the misspelled word "tourisy" for an unknown reason, this treatment has begun to happen to other fruitjaks as well much to their confusion and dismay. What crime against humanity Fruit Soyjaks have committed is currently unknown, although some say they were used by /s4s/, but there is no proof of this.

Sexual attraction[edit | edit source]

Fruitjaks are well-regarded in the soy community for being exceptionally attractive soyjaks. From an evolutionary prospective, scientists believe that human males associate fruit on a soyjak's head with abundence, fertility, good health, plenty, etc.

The pineapple variant (pinejak or "slutjak") specifically has gained attention from a particularly deranged fag often accompanied by notorious images too suggestive to directly document on this purified Science wiki. Not anymore

Indeed only one man in recorded soy history has ever managed to surpass the gay lust of a pinejak.

Fruitjak Copypastas[edit | edit source]

Zoo-wee Mama[edit | edit source]


What's that? Pinejak is currently "backing that ass up" for Applejak? Oh my, I must bear witness to this!

HOLY MOLY! This 'jak's a real looker, ain't he? He's got that bitchy bottom energy written all over him, I can hear his voice just through that look his making. "Will a big strong man PLEASE come over and pleasure me?" Yes yes, that's what's going through his mind! Slutjak came here prepared. Prepared to be ravaged by his fellow fruitjaks. He is the prize of the Battle of the Ridge, and quite the prize he is.

Are you single, babe? Do you want to get your pineapple juiced? I can please you, slutjak.

Zoo wee mama, now that's a grade-A sluterino! Do you think he sucked some dick before coming to the ridge? What am I talking about, that slutjak can't help himself when presented with an all you can suck buffet of man meat! Jinkies! His allure is just too powerful!

Hm... *inspects him with a magnifying glass* Yes yes, this is a slutjak alright. *grips his ass cheeks really hard* Tight, firm butt cheeks. *Spreads them* A shaved butt holly *pulls off his thong* A shaved, uncut cock. *rubs legs* Shaved legs... Glorious! This slutjak is flawless!

What a ripe pineapple slutjak, he's in need of a few butt spanks.

Pinejak looks like he'd be a brat in bed, instructing you how to please him and not being too kind about it! Yes, he will call you bad names while you're on top of him! You must spank him, you gotta spank the slutjak!

Dearest me, is this fruitjak overdue for a creampie. His face is overflowing with lust! That open mouth and fuck me eyes, the imaginary cocks plugging all of his holes aren't going to be satisfying him for long! No-sir-ree!

Could it be…[edit | edit source]

...Could that who I think it is, up on that there ridge? Well I'll be, it's pinejak! There's no mistaking that supple rump, those ravenous eyes, that gorrila-grip bussy, and of course, the ever-present gang of melonjaks "having their way" with him. No slutjak can compete with pinejak. No-sir-ee! Wait, do my eyes deceive me? Is that a coconutjak making its way up onto the ridge! Well I'll be! Just look at the size of that things "member". No fruitjak could even dream of "swallowing" that much meat. But wait! It seems pinejak wants to "take it on"! But there's no way! He'd die if he were to take that much "protein". Oh my, even pine-"slutjak"-jak seems intimidated by the size of this coconutjaks "appendage". Could this be the end of pinejaks legacy? ODINS BEARD, IT'S SLIDING IN! Just look at the little sissy-slutjaks face as that monster slides into his bussy, he can barely take it. But wait, he's still "going in". Halfway... three-quarters, WELL I'LL BE, PINEJAK HAS DONE IT AGAIN. Oh my, it seems the melonjaks want in on the fun. This slutjaks achievements is one for the books that's for sure!

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