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FoundationSeptember 19th, 2020
Major Boards/soy/
Total posts1,000,000+, also known as The Party, the 'Party, the 'arty, soy spinoff, soyfag.sharty, soyshart.farty, the 'sharty, and countless other names; and also also accessible via for easy 4chan shilling (though posting it gets you an instant one-day ban), is an imageboard primarily dedicated to soyjak posting datamining. The party was founded by Soot, announced on /qa/ as "made a shitty imageboard" "basedjaks [sic] must be in every thread".[1] Despite the uncerimonious debut, the date was chosen in order to commemorate the 44th anniversary of the crash of Turkish Airlines Flight 452, of course.

The party has 10 boards, but the majority of its activity is on the soyjak board /soy/, which usually gets multiple posts every hour. A VPN or Tor can be used for privacy or ban evasion since public IPs are not banned from posting,[2] though you will still be tracked thanks to (((SOOT))) formerly being a world leader in datamining technology.

Following the Great Purchase, the reluctant webmaster Soot finally handed over to Kuz.


Where it all started

According to soot, he created the imageboard "as a simple joke", and did not expect it to go far.[3]

Front page of, taken in July 28 2022

Issues with CSAM

The party has long struggled with Child Sexual Abuse Material being uploaded, and has even on several occassions caused the to go down. [4] In turn, soot has done what he can to combat its spread. The primary uploaders of CSAM to the 'party are primarily unknown, but they commonly use kuz as a scapegoat to cover their tracks.[5]

Some potential suggestions are: The Cirno spammer, p#blm, and the raging swede. In reality though, it is obviously /bant/tranny -niggers (like p#blm) unleashing these attacks, if you want proof sign up to (matrix shilled by them) and go to the room moderated by j0hn and you'll find terabytes of undeleted child porn, /bant/ also has a problem with CP spam much like the sharty.

Temporal Death

On 9 January, 2022, the sharty was shut down to huge CP spam waves. On 10 January, it was revived. Just a few days later, on January 13th, the site was once again shut down, this time permanently, and with no hope of coming back. Soot said "its over". When our reporters asked "Is it really over?", all soot had to say was: "it's unequivocally, completely, and utterly over".

But thankfully the timelines shifted shortly thereafter and on January 14th it returned with some bugs as soot transferred the site to a new host.

However, as of 23rd of Janurary 2022 the sharty is down again. This time, like the last time, it's gone forever.

Although it is back again. It remains to be seen how many more times soot will have to take down the site before the CP problem is fixed.

as of 5/13/2022 the CP problem is kinda "fixed" but kuz is DDOSing the site.


Original front page of, taken in March 3 2022

See also: The faces of party has a thriving and enlightened culture cultivated by its many fine users. While the community often unites, it sometimes has dramatic disagreements, as can be seen in the Soyvil War.

Many schisms have formed in's community over a diverse range of issues such as Islam, Soyjak variants, and Soot's oversight of the website.

Boards currently has 10 boards:

  • /suggest/ - Suggest
  • /soy/ - Soyjak
  • /qa/ - Question & Answer
  • /pol/ - Politics
  • /raid/ - Raid
  • /a/ - Anime
  • /webm/ - Videos and GIF
  • /muv/ - Music & Video Games
  • /sneed/ - Sneed
  • /nate/ - Coal (hidden)
  • /incel/ - Internet Celebrities

Former Boards

A list of deleted Boards:

  • /holo/ - Hololive[6]
  • /kr/ - K-pop and Korean Culture[7]
  • /g/ - Technology (became /int/ through a poll)[8]
  • /v/ - Videogames[9]
  • /caca/ - caca[10]
  • /trump/ - Donald Trump[citation needed]
  • /r9k/ - ROBOT9999[11]
  • /b/ - Random
  • /r/ - Requests
  • /giga/ - Gigachad
  • /tv/ - Television & Film
  • /int/ - International
  • /x/ - Paranormal/Schizo

There is a common misconception that the /sneed/ board was formerly /chuck/. This is NOT the case. Take your meds.

>There is a common misconception that the /sneed/ board was formerly /chuck/. This is NOT the case. Take your meds.

Formerly Former Boards

  • /raid/ - Raid
  • /giga/ - Gigachad[13]

Official websites

Aside from itself, Kuz owns and runs several other datamining websites meant to supplement

See also


  1. "made a shitty imageboard"
  2. "VPNs and Tor are allowed, since you schizos think this is some sort of IP collection honeypot." -
  4. On January 9th and January 13, the party was shut down for CP.
  5. The myth that kuz is behind the CP attacks has been widely discredited by jakking organizations such as the dailyjak, soot, and the KolymaNET Soyjak League
  9. Although the original videogames board of is unarchived, an announcement makes mention of it's deletion and replacement with /g/ and /tv/. (