List of controversial soyjak variants

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There are certain soyjak variants considered by some posters to be spam and/or coal. The most common of which are documented here.

Name Description Example
Swedish wins/fails Regular wholesomejak edited to have imp-like facial features
The most popular swedish fail win
Colorfuljaks Regular wholesome soyjak painted on with vibrant colors.
Colorful edit of a wholesome 'jak.
Demorfedjaks Regular wholesome soyjak distorted with a warp tool.
The original deformed soyjak.
Grayjaks Regular soyjak painted gray.
Grayjak version of a Markiplierjak.
Dogjak A trace of a dog
A 'jakked version of a dog.
Massjak A wholesomejak edit made by kuz
The Massjak herself.