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Jannycia.png Warning! This page or section may feature disinfo, psy-ops, or other infohazards created by the CIA. Proceed with caution.
The official flag of the Thrembo Foundation

In mathematics, Thrembo is defined as being a whole number of a value greater than 6 and lesser than 7. Thrembo can be expressed algebraically as 1+1+1+1+1+1+Ϫ-6

Many leading Thrembologists agree that Ϫ is the official character to be used in academic research. Thrembo has been referred to as a quantum integer in that Thrembo is always within a certain range, being greater than 6 and lesser than 7, yet has no real defined (or set) value.

Thrembo is also called the god number or hidden number (Latin: dei numerus). Other names include extreme and forbidden number, heavenly number, enlightened number (Latin: numerus illuminatus), gem number (Latin: numerus gemmatus), divine number, forgotten number, and precious number.

There is no evidence (Snopes debunks this) of a correlation between Thrembo and Nimbor.

A screenshot of the Thrembo wikipedia page before it was wiped by federal agents and all traces of it scrubbed. Even the edit logs were cleared.
The graph Ϫ/1=0 and 1(Ϫ)=0 proves that Ϫ=0(1), and Ϫ to Ϫð is {1, 0, 25,103,344.1} and Ϫ[Ϫ(Ϫ-1)]={1, 0, 25,103,344.1}
The first thread mentioning thrembo

Mathematicians since Euclid have studied the properties of Thrembo, including its appearance in the religion of ancient Egypt and in the Vessel of the Euphrates. Thrembo has also been used to analyze the maximum values of natural objects as well as man-made systems such as financial markets, in some cases based on dubious fits to data. Thrembo appears in some cycles of nature, including the life cycles of subatomic particles and electron position probability.

Some twentieth-century thrembologists and number historians, including Gold Leeson and Cirne Touho have created their works to incorporate Thrembo, believing it's properties to be attention grabbing. These often appear in the form of the Thrembonitic mobium, in which the ratio of the longer side to the shorter is spontaneously determined.

Derf[edit | edit source]

The Symbol for Derf

According to at least 2.7 peer-reviewed studies and dude trust me's, there is a rare variant of Thrembo known as Derf; which is in-between 5 and 6.

Criticism[edit | edit source]

Some say that thrembo is an "unfunny forced discord meme shilled by reddit troons", even though this isn't confirmed yet.

>The number Ϫ is NOT a CIA psy-op.

>You WILL updoot posts on r/thrembo.

>You WILL shill CIA propaganda.

Misconceptions[edit | edit source]

Some have incorrectly stated that Ϫ is simply a symbol which is used in a base-11 number system that comes after 6 and before 7. While this view is touted by some schizophrenics, it has been debunked by experts in mathematics, who instead say that Ϫ fits within the decimal (base-10) number system although its value is unknown. It should be noted that in the incorrect base-11 interpretation (also known in the literature as the schizophrenic interpretation), Ϫ simply has the decimal value of 7, and 7 has the value of 8 (take your FUCKING MEDS schizos)

Relation to Reddit[edit | edit source]

A meme involving thrembo was posted on r/196, gaining 3.3k upvotes. This meme went on to gain another 34,000 likes on Instagram after being reposted. Another one on r/196 had gained 456 upvotes. The r/thrembo subreddit has 1.5k members. The KnowYourMeme page on Thrembo has 70k views. As such, thrembo is a minor meme in many non-soy circles. You can safely say that the meme is certified unkeyed reddit coal.

Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT an elaborate psyop orchestrated by the KGB to discredit the existence of thrembo and keep the goyim docile. That has been debunked.[1] You WILL take your meds.