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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau using blackface to celebrate the Dutch tradition "Zwarte Piet" around christmas. The Dutch people in the Netherlands weirdly like this man.

The Netherlands are a mysterious land known whose existence is known by only the smartest of people. It is rumoured to be below the ridge, where no one but explorers have ever been.

'Zellig also comes from there.

Like Cucknada, the country is known to be the least racist country in the world, yet, like Canadeh, are known for using and accepting blackface.

Relations with the sommunity and others[edit | edit source]

The dutch first settled on /co/,[1] where they brought their show with them. To the posters there, they seemed to be annoying spammers of a foreign cartoon they couldn't understand, and so, the community of dutch there remained isolated...

Until a brave colonialist known as "daily 'zellig spammer" adventured out to /qa/, a place that he'd heard great tales from, and started to make daily threads about his cultural heritage. At first, the soyjakkas on /qa/ found him to be annoying, but after a while they started accepting dutch culture and making 'zellig jaks.

But nothing in the world remains peaceful and on November 3rd, the great massacre happened...

All threads were locked and lost and now our brave hero had to find a new home.

The Netherlands DO LOOK LIKE THAT even though they don't look like that, this is not misinformation BECAUSE I SAY SO!

Along with many others in the sommunity, he went on /bant/ and started making the daily threads there, he's come to visit the 'arty from time to time too, but the future knows no bounds. What will this attentionwhore do next? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT EPISODE OF DRAGON SOY M(eds)!

History Of The Netherlands[edit | edit source]

The 'lands just cannot stay still; the geography of the 'lands are constantly changing and freezing and shit.[2]The soyence says the first actual human (homo sapien) touched grass in the 'lands 'bout 37,000 years ago (not true because we all know the earth was made in 4004 B.B.C.) The humans dwelling in the 'lands lived a Hunter-Gatherer lifestyle. After 5600 B.B.C. a group known as the "swifter™/bant/ culture"(HOLY FUCKING SHIT) populated the region and were river-pilled fisher-chuds. The soyence says that the linear pottery culture (central euro-fag farmers) came not too soon after (5000-4000 B.C.E.) and the swifter™cels got BTFO and replaced by agrichads/animal hubanders. The funnel-beaker culture started to come in to at around 4000-3000 B.B.C. and built important stone shit; there was also another group called the vlaardingens but they were still hunter-gatherers and didn't contribute much to the history of the early 'lands. From 3000-2000 B.B.C. the corded ware pastorals replaced the funnel beakers and used the wheel by the 2400's B.B.C. (something certain groups of people haven't invented to this day) There was also bell beakcels involved but never did anything to take note of, the corded ware chads also traded with other areas in Europe for copper, as copper does not exist in the 'lands.From 2000-800 B.B.C. the bronze age happened and cultures and shit changed and people started trading with farther away places, they also made really shitty pottery. from 800-58 B.B.C. The iron age happened and made nethercels into true privileged yt pepo. Germanic and Celtic groups eventually closed in on the 'lands with the Rhine river acting as a barrier between the two. On the German side the french,Saxons, and Frisians emerged; on the Celtic side the eburones and menapii emerged. From 57 B.B.C- 410 E.D. the celtcels got BTFO by the romanbrads while the the romanbrads got BTFO by the germanchad tribes across the rhine multiple times, they were each others biggest opps during that time. from 411-1000 E.D. in the early middle ages there was a mass migration of Germans into the 'lands and then moved to England (Anglo-Saxons). The Frank BVLL CLOVIS I bodied every other Frankish kingdom as well as parts of the modern day 'lands.The 'lands became christian again under Clovis the 1st s rule. In the early eighth century the Frisians got BTFO by the franks. in 843 the frankish empire got nuked and fractured into three kingdoms, the 'lands of course got placed in the absolute worst Frankish kingdom (middle francia) in lieu of Flanders, which got to be in west francia. After the inevitable collapse of middle francia, Lotharingia was the new meta until it got raided by vikingchads and split between the vikingchads and east francia which later became the Holy Roman Empire in 962. of course there were constant civil wars between feuding provinces because they were basically independent at the time. The last of independent frisia was conquered by the germanchads in 1498. In around 1200 E.D. the dutch began to farm and drain rivers with groups of people called a "dike count"[3] the low countries eventually got united and then got BTFO by the Spaniards and underwent a reformation and had a based holy war against the Spaniards an WON (they were so fucking back).The dutch had a golden age and created an empire that traded slaves (keyed and ypipopilled). in 1602 the dutch gave the dutch east something company a monopoly to trade with Asia and it became ridiculously corrupt and it got absorbed by the dutch government and re branded. the 'lands also colonized Africa (keyed) . After that the dutch flew to close to the sun and waged war with the British and french several times and even won sometimes but after 1730, IT WAS OVER for the 'lands; they reached their growth potential and then got surpassed by larger countries such as France and Britain in terms of economy and culture. The 'lands got BTFO in the war of Austrian secession by the french and then again by the English leaving the 'lands in total shambles. The french then occupied the 'lands until 1813 and there was a revolution in the 'lands against local governments but not the Stadtholder. NAPOLEON. Belgium broke away and the 'lands tried to stop it but failed and never tried again.This is when the 'lands becomes irrelevant in history. In the late 1800's the 'lands got their culture back. During ww1 they didn't do shit and ww2 they got BTFO. After the war the 'lands seethed so hard they wanted to deport all German citizens and put them them in concentration camps[4]. After awhile they actually became a somewhat successful country.

Citations[edit | edit source]