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Current Events

  • A variant of the TND meme was recited by Tucker Carlson?
  • The 'party has a secret textboard?
  • The 'party now has a Know Your Meme page?
  • That posting the text "" anywhere on 4chan gets you an automatic 3-day ban?
  • That you can evade the ban above by typing "" because it gets filtered to ""?
  • That the world record for the longest soyduel in history clocked in at 6077 replies and lasted almost a month?
  • That jannys on /a/ have a policy of knowingly allowing stealthjak threads and will instead delete /a/ natives calling it out, so long as most of the thread doesn't notice?
  • That Nojak is canonically Jewish?
  • Kuz steps down as admin on, citing his HIV developing into AIDS and mental health reasons relating to the site.
  • Soycraft hosts a building competition event. The winner get a free vipcode.
  • Operation Soygate begins, which ends up going viral.
  • Soyteens successfully get 'party graffiti on Wikipedia...until a soyteen snitched to Wikipedia admins.
  • Jackbox Raiding returns again after winter break starts.
  • The 'party gets a fake FBI seizure notice. Some 'teens believe that Kuz was secretly replaced with an FBI agent of the same name.
  • Kuz publicizes an attempt to acquire 4chan.
  • The controversial Five Board Plan gets enacted, then reverted partially.
  • Kuz promises to add an Ongezellig banner if teens can bump this thread for 1 year.
  • ShreddedNerd, a YouTuber with 36k subscribers, makes a video about the 'party. Receptions are mixed; some teens are attempting to doxx him.

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