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Jackbox Raiding is a recreational activity in which 'jakkers watch and interact with a Twitch streamer playing The Jackbox Party Pack. Jackbox Raiding has been a wild success, with a dedicated general up at all times on The Party's /raid/ board. After the Sticky Incident, Jackbox raids are now back. Jackbox Raiding is considered a spiritual successor to "Zoom Raiding" .

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Commiepedotroon dies a painful and well-deserved death. [Swap]

Soyjak Wiki is a community-driven knowledge base featuring independently fact-checked and peer-reviewed information about soyjaks, imageboard culture, and many other topics.

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Current Events

  • Kuz officially buys the 'party from Soot for a possible estimate of $600. Reactions are highly mixed.
  • Jackbox Raiding is back and more popular than ever after Kuz pinned a jackbox thread that later reached 810 replies.
  • The 'party hits 1,000,000 total posts
  • Gemsmither, a soyjak picrew, drops to mixed reception; Soot pins it for only one day.
  • A soyjak-themed PAK mod for Plants vs Zombies begins development
  • SuBooru closes down due to dramafagging. The closure of the site only serves to make said dramafagging worse.

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