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actual image of soot.

Soot (20 September 2020 – 16 July 2022) also known as bruh21 and as nigger-admin, was a dangerous, hateful, alt right conspiracy theorist and former owner of He founded and ruled the site for almost 2 years before his assassination at the hands of agents of the NSS. He is generally beloved by the population of the 'party, in spite of his alleged datamining, which was the highlight of his career as the administrator.

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Current Events

  • Kuz officially buys the 'party from Soot for a possible estimate of $600. Reactions are highly mixed.
  • Jackbox Raiding is back and more popular than ever after Kuz pinned a jackbox thread that later reached 810 replies.
  • The 'party hits 1,000,000 total posts
  • Gemsmither, a soyjak picrew, drops to mixed reception; Soot pins it for only one day.
  • A soyjak-themed PAK mod for Plants vs Zombies begins development
  • A rogue 4chan janny has leaked the entire /j/ board and it's Discord on, including proof of a userscript made for jannies.

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