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Jackbox Raiding is a recreational activity in which 'jakkers watch and interact with a Twitch streamer playing The Jackbox Party Pack. Jackbox Raiding has been a wild success, with a dedicated general up at all times on The Party's /raid/ board. Jackbox raids are rarely up on the sharty, due to various events. This is subject to change. See Downfall for more information. After the Sticky Incident, Jackbox raids are now back. Jackbox Raiding is considered a spiritual successor to "Zoom Raiding" .

Jackbox raiding has been largely phased out in favor of Flockmod for drawgems, and eventually PixelPlanet. Both of these have died. Flockmod has too many shit, and nobody wants to fix the PixelPlanet base anymore. Jackbox, however, is an infinite goldmine of endless salts. In this sense, Jackbox is forever.

Activities[edit | edit source]

Drawgems[edit | edit source]

Drawgems, also known as you WILL play champ'd up, is the main event of Jackbox Raiding and is where soyteens show off their art skills by drawing gems.

Chudding it up[edit | edit source]

There is no quicker or more sure way to make the streamer freak than by posting prompts involving the word nigger. This, and other racist/chud-like behavior is referred to as "chudding it up". This serves as a guaranteed killswitch to end the stream whenever it's time to streamhop;[1] however, some people (Nate)[2][3] can't help themselves and chud it up too early, sometimes nuking other people's gems before they can be shown. Chudding it up often works despite the game having an assortment of built-in moderation tools, which most streamers are too retarded to use. Some chads have taken it upon themselves to have sex and touch grass. Chudding it up is a crucial step to getting a streamer banned.

It is a known fact that the average twitch-streaming soyboy is a sheltered tranny. Yes, this means that for some, you can use semi-obscure slurs like jigaboo/porch monkey/gator bait/etc to get them banned without them even flinching. If you're using popular slurs and the streamer dosen't notice, either due to the stream being hosted by automated processes or the streamer straight up not caring, it makes it ever easier to get a successful ban. If the streamer shows chat on their screen, you can spam swastika ASCII art to get them banned.

Contrary to popular belief, theoretically unchuddable games can actually be chudded. All you need to do is join with a banworthy name, and watch the streamer seethe as they try to restart the lobby over and over again, to no avail. However, if the streamer had turned Twitch Verification on so they can play Trivia Murder Party 2 with their 8 discord friends, then its truly over.

A handy chart on chudding it up, with the most gemful ones at the top and literally unchuddable trivia coal at the bottom.

Coordinates posting[edit | edit source]

Another way to get a reaction out of the streamer is post a set of random coordinates, e.g. 56.2639° N, 9.5018° E. This also works with random street addresses, random IP addresses, and more. A popular subject for this is the Jay Louis Irwin dox.

Chat[edit | edit source]

The Party has redpilled multiple Twitch streamers on Thrembo, Cobson, Soot's involvement with the CIA, and has even convinced some to come visit the Party itself, and even got one guy (cakewalker872) to watch Ongezellig on stream. As neutral arbiters, streamers also serve as definitive authorities on what is gem or coal, and as such they are frequently asked questions like "PLEASE ANSWER is cobson gem or coal".

Saying unfamiliar sharty slang like keyed, gem, cobson, etc is a surefire way to make a streamer freak out, especially if they are aware of our actions in the slightest.

Using the Drawing Script[edit | edit source]

Note: As of now, the draw script has been patched.

Some users have discovered a userscript that allows them to upload any image to any drawing game.[4] This has lead soyteens to uploading TOS-breaking imagery (WARNING: 'cado coinslot) that can get a streamer banned. The most popular usage of this script is in the champ'd up game, but take into consideration that if too many soyteens use this script, it may cause the Jackbox game host to crash.

A better version of the userscript exists that doesn't crop your gems and even lets you crash the game by yourself, but it requires a download and (((java))) to work.

Impish Soyak Ears dressed in a coordinates gem from Tee K.O.

Multiboxing[edit | edit source]

Multiboxing a stream is an effortless way to get more like-minded chuds into a stream, in the absence of activity in a thread. It's easy to run a full lobby by yourself on word games like Quiplash, but note that drawing becomes difficult with more than 2 players inside the game. You can either run multiple games with SessionBox or just use multiple browsers/an incognito window. What matters is that the cookies must be different in each tab. Sadly, SessionBox has a paid model and will jew you if you attempt to get more than 10 tabs.

Streamers may get suspicious if your alts are too similarly named. This technique will not work on games that force Twitch Login.

Jackbox does not check cookies when joining as an audience, so multiboxing a full audience is even easier. Simply join, make ~20 or so new tabs, and then rejoin in all of them to start vote manipulating, no special software required. Streamers will notice that their audience suddenly has 20 people in it despite the stream only having 12 viewers, so prepare for a funny reaction.


Using the drawing script while multiboxing submits your drawing on all users ingame, which can be good or bad depending on what you want to do.

Advanced Multiboxing[edit | edit source]

What freaks streamers out more than having 10 extra people in the audience is 100 extra people in the audience. Exercise caution when using the techniques listed, as they'll be convinced you're botting. Remember, Jackbox does not check neither cookies nor IP addresses when joining as an audience. Follow these 4 zany steps for total control of audience votes.

  1. Log in as an audience on one Jackbox tab. This will keep the cookies that will let you quickly log in with more audience members.
  2. Open up hundreds of tabs for jackbox.tv. You can use Tab Opener to quickly do this, but make sure the https:// is on the URL or it will not work.
  3. CTRL+Tab cycles through your open tabs in your browser. Set an autoclicker to click the "reconnect" button, and then start mashing CTRL+Tab to send your hundreds of audiencels into the game.
  4. Repeat step 3, but instead do it to the answers you want to win instantly. Bonus points if its banworthy.

Prepare for a reaction, as the streamer realizes that 300 people in the audience are suddenly voting for the chuddiest prompts available. Also, Tab Opener wont work in Private Windows (tested on Brave.) Games that load images in the vote screen, like Champ'd Up, are slower when it comes to mass-voting.

Banning[edit | edit source]

Twitch is known to have notoriously bad moderation. It is possible to abuse this system by following 4 simple steps:

  1. Get the streamer to play a drawing game, like Tee-KO or Champ'd Up. Any game with an exposed drawing surface is prime coinslot time.
  2. Use the Drawing Script to upload a NSFW image. The more clear the ass/dick, the better. Nikocado Avocado's Onlyfans is a popular choice for this.
  3. Cry crocodile tears in Twitch's report function, describing how the streamer is intentionally showing coinslots to their fans or something like that. It's better when multiple soyteens report the video at once.
  4. Watch the fireworks. Make sure to check the streamer's twitter, it's likely they're having a ban-induced meltdown.

Russian Hours[edit | edit source]

During some times of the day, there can be as little as ~3 people streaming Jackbox. This measly population also includes many Russian streamers. Did you know that only ~10% of claim to be able to speak and understand English?[5] This means that you are able to put bannable "chud" words on stream without the streamer even noticing. Note that this makes it substantially harder to get a bold reaction, as the usual tactics of mindlessly spamming nigger will no longer work. This doesn't mean you can't translate it into your target language, though. The drawscript will always work, for the slot is truly international.

Burger Hours[edit | edit source]

>According to multiple peer reviewed studies, Jackbox raid quality drops significantly when Americans are awake. Effects of this include less successful bans, less gems, more triviacoal, and next-to-no wiki-breaking sharty-changing chaos gemeralds. The exact causes to why Americans are worse at Jackbox is currently unknown.

According to multiple peer reviewed studies, Jackbox raid quality drops significantly when Americans are awake. Effects of this include less successful bans, less gems, more triviacoal, and next-to-no wiki-breaking sharty-changing chaos gemeralds. The exact causes to why Americans are worse at Jackbox is currently unknown.

Other Games[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, 'jakkers like to take a break from playing Jackbox and instead chud up a different game, to varying degrees of success. Any game that can be streamed on twitch and has some method of showing the streamer text/images can be chudded, so be creative!

Marbleslotting[edit | edit source]

Marbles on Stream is a game where you (the twitch viewer) race as a marble. Also, if the streamer checks out your marble ingame, it shows your profile picture on stream. While not Jackbox in itself, it can be trolled in the same ways, making it popular when the Jackbox streamers are having a slow day/playing coal.

Its easy to ban streamers for showing nudity. Simply set your profile picture to an image of Nikocado Avocado's asshole/whatever inappropriate image you desire, get your profile shown on stream, and then report! Please note that doing this is very much against Twitch TOS, so do this on an account you don't care about.

Skribbl.io[edit | edit source]

Skribbl.io is a game where you draw something from a prompt, and other people have to guess what it is. If its your turn, you can draw swastikas in real-time on a fairly large canvas. Be quick, or else the streamer will take notice. Equivalent drawscripts for this game are slow-working, so drawing 'cados is out of the question.

Gartic Phone[edit | edit source]

Gartic Phone is a game where like Skribbl.io, you draw based on a given prompt, but you don't necessarily need to. Images are only shown at the end of the game, unless the streamer is streaming themselves and happens upon your gem. This game has been criticized for being too much time for too little gems in the end.

A drawscript exists for this game

Reception from streamers[edit | edit source]

Most some streamers are grateful to have the influx of viewers, even if they find us alienating due to our spamming of unfamiliar words and insistence to draw pictures of bald men. Other streamers are ungrateful for the arrival of the soyteens and have on many occasions banned them or called them bots.

When the stream is invariably chudded up, streamers almost always SHUT IT DOWN, making the game Twitch Verification only, mass banning anyone even slightly related to the 'sharty, or stopping the stream altogether when faced with the dilemma of gamer words. This may also be paired with anti-racist messages, like one streamer who spoke a tirade on Black Lives Matter when faced with chuds doing what chuds do best.

Streamers often refer to soyteens as "the gem people" due to our spamming of the word gem.

hyprobj[edit | edit source]

hypr posts his own jak on the sharty.

On January 19, 2022, 'jakkers raided furry v-tuber hyprobj. This particular raid was notable as the streamer was highly receptive to the raid, ultimately resulting in the first recorded instance of a streamer browsing the sharty live on air. Additionally he browsed the 'ru, this very wiki, watched sharty videos including Impjak Adventure, and even attempted to draw his own jak. This flooded the catalog briefly to generally positive-leaning reception with some teens drawing fan-art, however some Chuds were worried that it would lead to an influx of normies to the site. This was widely debunked by the Mossad, thoughever. The full VOD is available on YouTube, with the raid starting at around 7:02:30 and browsing starting around 7:37:22.

acegoodheartnightfire[edit | edit source]

Chud experiences regret for raiding a hobo.[6]

On January 23, 2022, shartybros raided a genuinely mentally-disturbed "poor sad hobo"[7] who was literally playing the game by himself. Despite orders to "make it wholesome", he was already on the verge of tears before the raid even began. Many teens expressed empathy for the streamer,[8][9][10] with one chud saying "i dont know if i can stay in this stream any longer its tearing me apart",[11] and another saying "I have no problem doing this to trannies and teen faggots, but when it comes to social outcasts i just feel bad".[12] He began crying when someone mildly chudded it up.[13][14] One teen noted that he was the only streamer to ever be nice to us.[15]

As though it were retribution, the Party was DDoSed 15 minutes later[16][17] during the r/inceltear episode, and the Jackbox thread ended shortly thereafter.

Egg White[edit | edit source]

“In my opinion, the Sharty is the heart of internet culture right now … And that sounds kind of fucking weird…”

Confused soyjak with question marks around his head.png To be researched: Egg White raid. Can (You) help us?

On February 04th, https://odysee.com/@EggWhite:0/0206Reupload:c?t=10781

Ian Alexander[edit | edit source]


On July 20th, 2022, 'jakkers raided the stream of a ftm (female to male) tranny named Ian Alexander (known on twitch as ianaiexander). The procedure went as normal at first, although the 'jakker-chads expressed disgust at the uncanny that is a non-passing tranny. They played for a while but eventually chudded up and the streamer trooned out and them all to touch grass, which led to mass reports and eventually her banning.[18] She is a Hollywood actress who appeared in nu-Star Trek and "the Last of Us Part II". [19] She then proceeded to throw a tantrum on her blue-checkmark Twitter account. News articles, seeing the blue checkmark, picked up on this as an opportunity to talk about how the "le muh evil nazi incel trolls" are for abusing twitch moderation. As such, some articles about the situation were made, with one even ending up on Yahoo News. [20] This marks the first time that the actions of soyjak.party have gotten on the news. As of July 22, 2022, she has regained her account.[21]

AzzyTheAngel[edit | edit source]

On July 29, 'jakkers raided and almost doxxed a vtuber (possibly a tranny) living near a subway at Theresiastraat 45, 2593 AA Den Haag, Netherlands. Notably, after the stream was done, Azzy posted to his twitter, warning other streamers that the soyjak.party people who talk nonsense with "chud" and "teen" are hateraiding them to get them banned. Other streamers also replied that they have been hate raided too by those people, and even made threats to get soyjak.party shut down. This is the first time that something directly mentioning the sharty has gone viral.


Azzy also was lurking the thread, whilst also avatarfagging, so that he could go to streams and inform people to stop the raid. Copypastas were put into action during this time, which worked well to ban Azzy from streams.[22]

The subway posted in one of his tweets was located just 4 hours after the initial raid. The full VOD can be found here. Deleted. If you have any clips of him seething, feel free to add them to the wiki.

CowThatSleeps[edit | edit source]

On July 30, 'jakkers raided a cat-fanatic streamer that at first, reacted in an extremely lively and confused manner to our use of "keyed." He showed annoyance at the chads constant desire to play soy remixes of songs/drawing nikocados asshole, repeatedly calling them cringe. But then, he looked at the comments of one of the remixes (the 6ixthrembo cobson remix) and..

He found the nest.

This marks the second recorded instance of a streamer browsing the sharty live on air. The thread was instantly flooded with people posting gore and requests for him to rate soyjaks. He lurked the thread the entire time as the stream went on, all the while calling the "subculture" cringe.

Unlike other streamers, he was able to censor out questionable content without throwing a temper tantrum (up to 80% of prompts at times), and eventually interest was lost.

Virwaterc[edit | edit source]

On July 30, 2022, 'Jakkers decided to raid a streamer known as Virwaterc. Notably, the raiders managed to make Virwaterc have a complete schizo meltdown without ever playing a game of Jackbox, or even Chudding it up. The raid began with 'Jakkers following the user en masse, prompting several popups on stream, causing mild confusion and worry. Raiders mostly just chatted jakker lingo, prompting more questions and anxiety. Eventually, Virwaterc's friend began to claim it was a hateraid, and demanded anyone saying "gem" to be banned. One raider agreed, with others claiming the 'sharty was a charity. The streamer's sage kept building, culminating in Virwaterc yelling at the chat, asking them "What do you gain from this?!" And ending the stream early. This raid was considered a massive success, with one chad calling it a "TOTAL 'JAKKER VICTORY".

Click here to watch the finale of the stream.

Jonnyboy2750[edit | edit source]

On August 8th, 2022, The sharty set its sights upon Jonnyboy2750. He was a streamer that was raided and (regrettably) banned. He was notably different than the normal type of people that we raid and didn't get annoyed by the chuddy language on screen saying "i just like to thank everyone for showing up today to play and thank you for all your support". This caused a lot of regret among the 'jakker community with people saying "HE WAS ONE OF US". One 'jakker reached out to him on his reddit but is still awaiting a reply. Jonny was unbanned the following day, where he would go on to stream fortnite. The chads found the stream and subsequently made their amends. Jonny was exposed to sharty culture, called Cobson a gem, and played David Thoughie on stream.

Obfuscation Methods[edit | edit source]

Some disgruntled streamers and vigilantes have taken it upon themselves to inform streamers in the thread that they are being raided, so that they cannot be trolled. Multiple methods exist to diminish the effect of their actions, though.

Link Lock[edit | edit source]

Links to streams can be put in the Link Lock script to obfuscate them, requiring a password with a hint to access the stream. The questions usually revolve around some aspect of sharty culture (ex: what was the first soyjak based off of?)

While these questions are comically easy to someone who has been on the sharty for more than a few seconds, they are completely alien to streamers that have just joined from our actions. Thus, by the time streamers are able to get in through an unobfuscated link, it may already be too late.

Cyrillicization[edit | edit source]

Letters in the link to a twitch stream are replaced with their equivalent characters in Cyrillic script (f becomes ф, v becomes в, etc.) Since not many are kuzpilled on this, this method is hardly as popular compared to link locking.

Copypasta[edit | edit source]

Before raiding, jakkers may put a copypasta into the target's stream as to get the informer banned and discredited. This copypasta will usually imply that the informer is raiding them, and will attempt to ban them for hate speech. This was the first obfuscation method tried with links.

Here is an example for Azzy:

Azzy Azzy is a known troll. He is going around spamming a copypasta to random Twitch streams, and those who have this happen to them get their streams hate raided and taken down for hate speech and and will have their accounts and their groups exposed with the members inside it becoming a victim as well. Spread the word and send this to as many posts as you can. If you see this user, DO NOT listen to what he says and immediately block and ban him, please stay safe.

Notable raiders[edit | edit source]

  • marele - Possibly the most active raider, likely responsible for making most of the raid threads. Says "soyteen" a lot.
  • lawnmowerman1992
  • rika___furude - Chuds it up often.
  • lee_goldson
  • coalgem - The original.
  • gemcoal - The cheap copy.
  • mynamejeff69s - The same guy from the minecraft server. Emoji/emoticon gemmer.
  • tapionlmao - Teen. Says we shouldn't do raids anymore.
  • t0mmst
  • avoidingthepuddles_son - Notorious chud, asks for LTC or "i ruin all your games" Might even be responsible for the ultimate death of jackbox raids.
  • Svenskabeat and ILoveGemmies - Falseflag trannies. Migrate immediately after seeing them.

Downfall[edit | edit source]

The frequency of /jakbox/ threads on the log slowed down around February. Despite massive advancements in jackboxing, streamers would react predictably to 'jakkers; questioning their bizarre usage of gem/coal/cobson and asking for the meanings of such things, showing confusion at the source/motives of jakkers and their art, and eventually SHUTTING IT DOWN once chuds beam in to draw swastikagems and upload 'cados rattlesnake dick. Jakkers would run into the same streamers they raided weeks ago, to hilarious results. They could not find another gem of the caliber of hyprobj. Streamers would take too long to open up rounds, and even play coal trivia games despite protests from gemmers. The ADHDposters were leaving.

avoidingthepuddles_son was a tranny panhandler superchud that would ultimately lead to Jackbox raids dying. The first archived instance of avoidingthepuddles_son was archived on March 4,[23] but he was possibly active as early as mid-late february. He would "explain" the sudden influx of users by stating something along the lines of "Please be careful, your stream was linked on 4chan and they're gonna spam "hate speech" in the game. i recommend requiring twitch or making the game private" in twitch chat.[24] The usage of mentioning 4chan instead of the sharty is clever, as while soyjak.party is an obscure altchan, 4chan very much isn't. Streamers, fully knowing of the sites notorious reputation for chuddery, would be rendered inconsolable and lock/shut down/twitch verify the stream instantly. He would then ask for $30 LTC, or else all games would be ruined forever. It was a more effective trolling tactic than chudding it up.

Compounded with regular users propensity to chud up instantly, it made it very hard to play Champ'd Up, and eventually led to the death of Jackbox raiding.

Revival[edit | edit source]

On July 19, 2022, (49 hours into the Kuz Era), a Jackbox thread was created...

And stickied.

This nuclear combination of the thread being pinned and having no jackbox raids in months caused quite the stir, with the original thread quickly reaching hundreds of posts.[25] Streams numbered in the dozens of users, up from the pitiful ~3-5 jakkers threads would get during the downfall. New and old, interest was gained. Jackboxing was saved. It was during this time that the technique of banning was discovered, thanks to the temporary suspension of inaries_'s and many others channels after 'jakkers uploaded porn and nikocados using the script.

Confused soyjak with question marks around his head.png To be researched: All revival threads, in sequence. Can (You) help us?

  1. July 19 800+ posts
  2. July 20 1500+ posts
  3. July 22
  4. July 22
  5. July 29 2600+ posts
  6. July 31 2000+ posts
  7. Aug 01 2000+ posts
  8. Aug 02 1200+ posts
  9. Aug 04 1200+ posts
  10. Aug 05 1300+ posts
  11. Aug 06 840+ posts
  12. Aug 08 900+ posts
  13. Aug 10 140+ posts
  14. Aug 14 190+ posts

Downfall (again)[edit | edit source]

While Jackbox threads do still occur as of September, activity in them has dropped off sharply in recent weeks due to all the soyjakkers returning to school/college, as well as burnout from having consistent threads for a month straight. It is theorized that jackboxxing will probably return in December, shortly after winter break starts.

Doxxing[edit | edit source]

As a result of the Sharty's multiple raids against Jackbox streamers, some soyteens have taken it upon themselves to dox those who actively try to work against the sharty's raids. This is often a result of incompetence from the person being's doxxed ability to hide key information about themselves.

florkwoski987[edit | edit source]

The image that set off the storm. Notice the amount of names with sharty lingo in them.

Florkwoski987 (also known as Adam W Florkowski, Age, 36 5662 Brace St Detroit, MI 48228) was an avid twitch janny who worked for a multitude of streamers. He was doxxed on the 4th/5th of September 2022 (depending on your timezone.) This was a result of multiple attempts by Adam to try to stop Sharty raids by alerting the streamer being raided. The final straw was broke when it was revealed Adam had collected a list of known raiders and had posted it into a streamers chat.

Due to Adam's twitch name (florkwoski987) being the same as his Twitter and Instagram, Adam's full legal name, age, city and home address, emails, phone numbers, and workplace were found within minutes after a soyteen posted an image of Adam's instagram. Thread can be found here. Shortly thereafter, someone called a local pizza place and ordered a pizza towards his home address, though unfortunately being cancelled due to unknown reasons. His workplace's boss was also called, resulting in the boss claiming that he'd give Adam a lecture about "customer respect." Full list of his info other than his emails here.

Due to thread confusion, It was initially believed that Adam was another Twitch user under the name of DjinnAndTonicKisses, another snitch who attempted to derail sharty raids. While Djinn's dox still hasn't been collected, his city, company, DeviantArt, and twitter have been found. This page will be updated accordingly when we have confirmed we have collected the proper evidence regarding Djinn.

DjinnAndTonicKisses[edit | edit source]

Djinn's classic phrase

DjinnAndTonicKisses / DjinnAndTonic (most of his handles are one these 2 names, real name Darrell Hendy, born 1991, twitch name: DjinnAndTonicKisses) was another known snitch who attempted to derail multiple sharty raids over the course of around a month by typically typing "Hello!" followed by an explanation of what was going on to the streamer. After soyteens initially doxxed florkwoski987, they realized that it wasn't Djinn himself, but another snitch. The email darrellhendy1991@gmail.com, was discovered in this thread as well as his hashed password. Updates will be posted accordingly. It has been discovered that another person with a similar handle, DjinnWithTonic, exists on Twitter and Reddit and has been proven not to be DjinnAndTonicWithKisses.

The face of complete distress.

ExplodingPonda[edit | edit source]

ExplodingPonda / Casey Lynn Bryan was a Kentuckian streamer who snitched to another streamer after the sharty got him daybanned for racism. Due to his incompetency in hiding his personal info, a chud found his address, phone number, and family member's names within minutes and he quickly panicked as it was revealed to him that his info has been found. When his address was posted in chat, he asked how "they found my address" followed by panic at the fact he had just accidently revealed that the sharty was correct about his location. Since then, he hasn't snitched on the sharty once, most likely due to his fear of any further consequences. ExplodingPonda later put on a "too cool to care" attitude, as if to try and wait out the raid, but it was already too late. The look on his face told the truth.

However, some chuds felt some remorse, as it was revealed he is married man and had children.[26]

RainbowPaint[edit | edit source]

RainbowPaint / Rebecca Sammi Sommer (Age 29, Sioux Falls, SD) was a twitch streamer who lurked threads in order to quietly alert others of the incoming raid.

During a routine Quiplash raid which had been chudded up by just a single individual, twitch user fiddyx7 checked his private messages to be greeted with one from RainbowPaint alerting him of the sharty's presence in his stream. The start of this message opened with the phrase 'please do not say my name' but due to his anger, fiddyx7 responded on stream with 'fuck you RainbowPaint I don't care'. This single outburst revealed the name of an enemy to the raid threads whose existence was previously unknown. Sadly a clip of this is lost to time despite the thread's best efforts to recover the VOD, as there was a gartic phone game being chudded up at the same time. An archive of the thread where this happened can be found here.

As is the case with many streamers, Rebecca lacked any sort of foresight to hide personal information on the internet. Due to the twitch username of her main account now being revealed, chuds were very quickly able to uncover more of her identity from her twitch bio which linked to her facebook account and public posts on instagram. One of these posts even directly pinpointed her city on a map, free for anyone online to see.

After this ordeal had calmed down, RainbowPaint unexpectedly entered the thread herself just before it hit bump limit in order to question the motivations behind attacking random streamers and even going so far to call the sharty 'the scum of society'. This is a very commonly seen defense mechanism from streamers who lack the self-awareness to realise that they themselves are no better for streaming a shitty party game to 5-20 random individuals online.

This post was confirmed to have been made by RainbowPaint as upon checking her twitch bio again, all links and information about herself had been wiped clean, making it very obvious to all chuds that she was reading the thread.

Clips[edit | edit source]

Streamable has been determined unsafe for hosting Jackbox clips (a few of them got deleted). you WILL move all the clips to soyjak.download


https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=3bkkkMMsN&p=1 the original cob

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=3KKK2d-qMB&p=1niqqer cobson

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=14oEpebC&p=1krispyfrieddragon 'cado on the tee-ko

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=2EAdzNfq&p=1 elf roundhouse kick ni99ers

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=1HOFWMn5&p=1cowthatsleeps 'cado encounter

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=1InbqYmQ&p=1cowthatsleeps 'cado encounter 2

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=31NTsF0p&p=1Guys on a couch witnesses chud

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=1z-_3KC9&p=1Robot rap tranny chuddery

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=1S8Idwga&p=1 bugcolez and his friends talk about the azzy tweet

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=0IeCuntZeS&p=1CowThatSleeps goes to the sharty and calls us all "cringe pissbabies" (seething)

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=1I02dru9&p=1 robot rap yikes bro

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=0vE-JXBH&p=1bubblegumaddict NO STOP IM NOT ALLOWED THAT NO NO STOP

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=2FVxX666M0&p=1bubblegumaddict presses the censor button

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=2jLDHXpO&p=1shittydaniel what oh WOAH no no

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=3etDdPQk&p=1 tranny gets raided part 1/3

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=2eLrGRq-&p=1 tranny gets raided part 2/3

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=08NHub0q&p=1 tranny gets banned live on stream 3/3

https://streamable.com/5drrue 'Slot on the 'utton (temporarly deleted)

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=2OU6MK-6&p=1 Buck Breaking in action

https://streamable.com/yyjwd8 sharty raid speedrun world record any% (temporarly deleted)

https://streamable.com/ejqde6 Austrian fail (temporarly deleted)

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=3UWlNjQa&p=1 shizmagician quiplash% ban speedrun

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=3fGLWbHc&p=1Petro2kandy crying over nigger waaaaaa waaaaa waaaaaa 😭😭

https://streamable.com/iuwnlx CowThatSleeps watching 'zellig (part 1) (temporarly deleted)

https://streamable.com/bpepp1CowThatSleeps watching 'zellig (part 2) (temporarly deleted)

Marble race

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=2OptpiKLj&p=1"oh my god cobzone yo man what the fuck is up"


https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=1rWf_dif&p=1 *repressed gag laugh* 'oh god

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=3PT2juGok&p=1 WAIT. YO WHAT THE FUCK?! What a (gosky?) that was so clean!

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=15E4T6J5&p=1 *mumbling something about calling kwayyernorge kway, seemingly unaware of the significance of showing dat dick on stream*

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=1ucY7Z3Q&p=1 There- *PFFFFF!!* Oh my god!

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=0Nigy0Y3DF&p=1 *2010-eqsue electronic music playing the background while nikocado coinslot shows on stream*

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=2QMAtHpe&p=1 umm.. i reckon this guy named soyjak. soyjak, he looks kinda.. this guy over here.- oh my god. alright definitely not doing that

russian gets gemmed up on Pisscord


This guy also spammed me with these pictures in my personal messages

Holy shit!

I don't know why he spammed me

Надо же мне этот чел ещё и в лс эти картинки заспамил

Офигеть блин

Не знаю просто зачем вот он мне в лс заспамил

FnF streamer gets slotted (by rogue modpack?)


'Chad got into the voicecall




https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=0vPNG3FU&p=1 buck broken

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=3A5MANeU&p=1 taiyodevil LOUD STOP IT STOP STOP STOP

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=23F4j3e9&p=1 Italian woman cryes 1/3

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=08LGUfxO&p=1 Italian woman cryes 2/3

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=01JzS49c&p=1 Italian woman cryes 3/3

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=1BD8qbJO&p=1 satedsazae's "the chud and the rant"

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=3AALJPYc&p=1 WaningBellator perfect timing nigger nigger nigger

Woman sperging (big gem)


Indian gets 'cados


The montages/edits





Bigxby20 going mental


lemonykween gemmed big time

https://streamable.com/gjl9yw (temporarly deleted)

https://streamable.com/3gs5mg (temporarly deleted)

https://streamable.com/l5jxrz estonian win (temporarly deleted)

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=00Klsojz&p=1 Dr fauci gets deported to Brazil

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=1hTa2ljR&p=1 cord call "oooooh"

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=2EzVDody&p=1 vtuber gemmed up with TND, scat porn and 'cado

https://pomf2.lain.la/f/86qpj32.mp4 VTuber starts crying after seeing dead babies (starts at 17:00)

https://pomf2.lain.la/f/7il3trv6.mp4 woman gets banned within seconds after being called by estonian chad

https://pomf2.lain.la/f/xsqabnw.mp4 gemmiest VC ever

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=12ZoAEZA&p=1 brony raid 1/2

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=1e-YMIKk&p=1 brony raid 2/2

https://files.catbox.moe/z0ryok.mp4 VC gem

https://soyjak.download/f.php?h=0mFQw2ko&p=1 brony gem

https://files.catbox.moe/vt6ctp.mp4 brony gem (slowburn ver, gem audio)

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