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A thougher is someone who uses the word "though" at the end of a sentences. These "people" do it even if it's not necessary or doesn't add anything of value to their sentences though. Many ESL speakers overuse it because they are UnitedStatian cock suckers and think that by using that word at the end of their sentences UnitedStatians or other (((anglos))) will praise them.

What to do if you encounter a thougher[edit | edit source]

One of the many appearances of a thougher

The recommended course of action when encountering a thougher on the internet, especially on 4chan and other image boards, is to quote their post with a thoughjak.

History of quoting thoughers[edit | edit source]

The movement of quoting thoughers was introduced by an anonymous Mexican poster on 4chan's board /int/. The first instances of it date back to the April of 2020[1]. The original thoughposting used normal soyjaks rather than thoughjaks until 13/5/2020[2]. Despite the fact that the Mexican used both soyjaks and thoughjaks, when the meme became more popular, it was associated with the last ones. It wasn't used on /qa/ until 2/7/2020[3]. Currently (April 2021), quoting thoughers is a relatively popular trend on both /int/ and /qa/. You can easily find a soyjak/thoughjak when searching for "though" on 4chan archive websites.

Citations[edit | edit source]