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2020[edit | edit source]

  • September 20 - Soot announces the creation of on /qa/.[1]
  • September 28 - Soot announces[2]
  • September 21 - Chino chan gets the first sticky.[3]
  • September 22 - Soot adds the /raid/ board.[4] Another sticky on /soy/.[5]
  • September 24 - Soot deletes /g/, and replaces it with /int/.[6]
  • October 1 - Soot deletes /holo/ and /kr/, and many users left due to this unfortunate decision. The site activity never recovered ever since that day.[7]
  • October 3 - Soot adds /pol/.[8]
  • November 2 - is announced.[2]
  • November 19 - Soot adds /sneed/.[2]
Chart of activity since first went online. Two wedges on the total post count can be observed: Captain Coal incident; And one time when Soot had to restore a backup from several months ago after the server provider suddenly kicked him off.

2021[edit | edit source]

2022[edit | edit source]

  • January 15 - The post database is lost after Soot's server provider was hit with CSAM complaints. Post counts on /​soy​/ are rolled back more than a month, even post no. 22222 was given a second chance.
  • ...
  • July 14 - It is made official that Soot sold the,, and to Kuz[2]
  • July 19 - Jakbox revival
  • August 3 - Facebook style reaction buttons are added. The buttons would input the following: "gem," "coal," "ywnbaw," "kys," "though," and "KUUUUUUUUUUZ." All boards also change from 40 pages to 10 pages (10 threads per page). Both changes are incredibly unpopular.
  • August 4 - Reaction buttons are removed and /soy/ gets 40 pages again. All other boards remain at 10 pages. Kuz stated in his August 24 livestream that buttons were removed because people were only using the buttons.
  • August 7 - All 14,568 soot-era bans have been undone.[2]
  • August 8 - /​incel​/ is added.[2]
  • August 16 - Server Migration ; Soot sells, and Soot's farewell
  • August 18 - 4chan janny whistleblower "J" starts posting in the 'sharty, inaugurating operation dilating troon
  • August 21 - Kuz bans all discussion of racebait outside /b/. In addition he bans all discussion of child porn since it only serves to give the spammers attention.[9] A thread on /soy/ is made calling to raid /suggest/[10]but before it can even get underway all threads on /suggest/ are deleted, with the only thread remaining being a paper shredder. /suggest/'s board title is also renamed to "/suggest/ - The Shredder." Making a new post during on /suggest/ during this time would cause it to get autodeleted.[11] A partial backup of threads before the board was wiped can be found here[12]
  • August 22 - Suggest is unlocked for about an hour. Then it gets deleted and remade as "/suggest/ - suggestions" again, with the post count set back to 0. Jannies then wipe suggest for a third time and remove it from the header. A new announcement is posted stating suggest has been merged with /qa/. After a lengthy Q&A with kuz he agrees to restore the board with the stipulation that all meta discussion must be posted to /suggest/ as stated in rule 9 (which wasn't being enforced)[13] Also /g/ is reinstated and /x/ is locked.
  • August 24 - Kuz makes an official kolyma discord server to supplement his IRC. Someone posts a picture of his announcement to /soy/ but the thread is deleted. Reactions are mixed, with some chuds calling kuz a "discord tranny"[14]. Chuds also shared a screenshot of the public mod IRC that promptly got deleted and anyone referencing it banned. Chuds/Mods later claimed there were mentions of splinter sites/shilling which was the probable reason for why the threads got deleted[15]. Kuz announces a sudden, impromptu Q&A livestream after a blotter message announces he has returned from vacation.[16] marking the first time kuz has gone on a live stage since taking over the 'party. The stream lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes and was streamed to youtube.

Confused soyjak with question marks around his head.png To be researched: Any chuds interested in helping out with the transcript?. Can (You) help us?

  • August 28 - After a lot of controversy and drama, Kuz removes controversial janny Sobot. Kuz later appears in a thread lamenting the loss of Sobot, and asks for ways to improve the site in various threads throughout the night. Kuz says he plans to take a long vacation from the site after saying in another thread he would be "blacklisting the site from my router" for several months, leaving an unnamed "oldchud" in charge of the site during his absence.
  • August 29 - The bump limit is changed from 24,000 to 500 for comparability with the archive. Posts can also no longer be deleted. Later the same day orangetexting is enabled.
  • August 30 - Preparations for the millionth GET begin as post 990000 is hit early in the morning. Lainchan's 20000 GET is stolen by a `jakker later on in the day, with an epic tranny fail on post #20001. Later the same day the 'party raids an obcure german imageboard with hilariously bad moderation. 1chan also gets wiped for a third time. Before the day ends, a sign-thread gets posted asking people to write a message to kuz after having purchased the party one month ago. Lots of gems were mined before the thread turned to coal after hitting 370 posts in 2 hours.[17]
  • August 31 - The millionth GET ends up being UTTP spam brimstone, causing 'teens to protest Kuz to exile them from all of his platforms, which he did.[18]
  • September 1 - A soyteen accidentally reveals his loli fetish in the drugs thread, leading to a lot of gems being mined[19] Kuz leaves for Cyprus until December for an unknown reason, putting 3 anonymous mods in charge. Intense speculation on why the Admin of the 'party is leaving for so long and what exactly hes doing follows.
  • September 2 - A poll is briefly added asking soyteens whether or not the name field should be returned to /soy/. The poll at first overwhelmingly supports returning the name field, but later overwhelmingly opposes it. There were allegations of fraud, so nothing was done.[20]
  • September 3 - /giga/ is unlocked
  • September 6 - Mods stop moderating the 'party due to a small but vocal minority complaining about overmoderation. The catalog very quickly gets flooded with all types of coal. /suggest/ gets locked. This gets undone a few hours later.[21]
  • September 7 - /soy/ gets a sticky for the death of Queen Elizabeth[22]
  • September 11 - HAPPY INSIDE JOB DAY! Just as it was about to be bumped off /soy/, Good boy quest is moved to a surprise board, /qst/, making it the boards first post. /qst/ remains unlisted, /qst/ is also the first board to feature a dice rolling plug-in
  • September 13 - A mysterious button labeled "Enable gallery mode" appears, which puts all images from a thread into a slideshow. Post deletion also gets re-enabled. "SOYJAK TIER LIST 2023" is released to much acclaim.[23]
  • September 15 - A 'teen threatens to shoot up his school, although the image and text is removed by the mods, the thread is left up. Other teens discover that the thread is a hoax, because the gun pictured is an airsoft. The shooter teen continues making a few posts alleging he is being hunted by the police.[24] Additional transparency additions to the site are announced by Chud ## Manager, and an offer is made in /suggest/ by a tranime poster to buy the 'party for $4500. Rampant speculation continues through the night on the validity of the offer.[25]
  • September 16 - TOR is blocked.
  • September 17 - %glowtext% and --bluetext-- are added. Someone publicly leaks the invite to the QAfe, so mods public ban everyone in the thread. The name field is also re-added on /soy/. After the scripted 1111111 get, mods plan to remove the deletion field, as well as dubs, similar to 4chan's /v/. Kuz also returns and plans to do a Q&A with soot. Mods also can no longer post with their capcodes after posting about a sharty pass.[citation needed] Lastly a 15 year old 'teen uploads a shining gemerald video painted as colorjak
  • September 18 - A CP thread is made on /soy/, which is not uncommon, but this one features the infamous "Daisys Destruction". The thread is up for 20 minutes before moderators find and delete it, and it amasses over 100 replies in that time period, many shocked at the "new low".[26] WE BROKE KUZ: Kuz makes a few posts complaining about the harassment and threats he got after acquiring the site. Kuz also reverts EVERYTHING back to how things were during the Soot era.[27] reportedly, a 'teen kills himself during the chaos. [citation needed] Later that day, a 'teen tops the colorjak anon from earlier by posting videos of himself smearing his own shit on his face and eating it on camera.[28] Kuz, starting afresh, promises a handful of new changes.[29] /fap/ is also added.[30]
  • September 19 - Forced anonymity is enabled sitewide. The Afterparty archive archives posts on /soy/ that are more than one hour old.
  • September 20 - 2 years of! Forced anonymity is removed on /qa/. On /soy/, Chud changes to πŸŽ‰ 2 years! πŸŽ‚. A button with the text "Click here to get your medal" appears. Clicking the text causes "πŸ₯ˆ 2 YEARS ON BALD MEN WITH GLASSES WEBSITE πŸ₯ˆ" to show up. The archive is expanded to encompass all the boards as well. Soyteens try to steal a get on /vmg/ but fail.[31]
  • September 22 - After yet another catty wiping raid, which includes CP and shill links to a dead site, kuz makes a post on suggest where he reveals that the admin of said site was perpetrating CP spam on the sharty and then reporting the links so he could kill the site and bring users to his bunker. A thread quoting kuz with an angry yurijak is made as a joke, and since kuzs post is locked, it ends up becoming the de-facto discussion thread. In a rare occurence, the sharty is almost completely in agreement with kuz, and many users turn on the bunker.[32]
  • September 24 - Soot holds a Q&A session on /qa/[33]He has mixed feelings on the kuz's party, being supportive of the moderation but skeptical of the /fap/ board, he also confirms that he has a girlfriend causing the incels to ACK. The caption text on /soy/ changes to "Their[sic] just drawings, calm down."
  • September 25 - Kuz replaces reCaptcha with KolymaNET's own software, Kaptcha. Kaptcha is only put on /soy/ when making new threads and is not mandatory to fill out.
  • September 26 - MOST COBSONS ARE BANNED. Posting Cobsons, with the exception of still images, will now temporarily give an automatic 30 day ban. This was due to pedophiles embedding child pornography into gifs and videos. KolymaNET and Discord are working with authorities to track down the posters.[34] Kuz later changes the rules. Janitor applications reopen. Kaptcha becomes mandatory. /soy/'s caption changes to "The jaks posted here are artistic works of coal. Only a fool would call anything posted here a gem.
  • September 30, - /fap/ is deleted. Attempting to navigate to the board will redirect the user to The Easy Peasy Method to Quit Porn.
  • October 1 - Rogue janny uploads a ongezellig themed thread, the worst nigger ass NAS incident in a while. Meanwhile kuz adds spinning text (--). The photon theme is also removed and replaced with Dark2.
  • October 15 - Post hiding is silently added.
  • October 17 - Mods plan a q&a within "the next two weeks."[35]
  • October 18 - The Discord crackdown begins. Any Janitor that participated in "sharty discord servers" will get banned for 30 days and be ineligible to moderate.[36] This follows a leak of the QAfe Discord.[37]
  • October 20 - It's no NAS Thursday. Any NAS posts on /soy/ get deleted and the poster banned for 1 day.
  • October 27 - A soyteen makes a bait suicide thread for (You)s. He later comes out and say it was a joke.[38]
  • October 29 - Sharty staff do a Q&A.[39] A notice with the text "THINK TWICE - All illegal images will be reported to law enforcement" now shows up next to the upload field. Video embeds are also re-added, a feature that was removed by Soot less than a month after the site was made.
  • October 30 - A 'teen cuts himself then draws a 'jak with his blood.[40] A message on /soy/ appears with the text "Attention to the womans of 2 loyal hard working men of kolyma network are seeking a wife. Asmat Tursanov and Bogdan Tigbayev. Cash rewards, free housing, and other benefits are applied. Please put your interests to the suggest board or leave mesage at the email. thank you."[41] It is unknown if the message is real or a joke. The message was then equally mysteriously deleted.
  • October 31 - Flags are briefly added on /soy/.[42]
  • November 1 - Posts that have "kys" in them will show what the abbreviation actually means, "Kiss Your Self".[43] Someone posts the first blind accessible Soyjak.[44]
  • November 2 - Kuz buys a Datsun Cherry and asks soyteens what they think. Kuz ends up getting ratioed until Kuz does a counter-ratio.[45]. The default anonymous name changes from Chud to πŸͺ¦ RIP /QA/ πŸͺ¦ to remember the 1 year anniversary of the death of /qa/.
  • November 3 - Cobson can now be seen peeking out at the bottom right hand corner while browsing the boards, reminding you that he is, in fact, a gem.[46] On Telegram, Kuz expresses his idea to polish up an already-existing dating software, implementing it as a cross-network Kolyma dating service.[47] He later holds a poll asking if this is a good idea, to which a majority of 67% vote no.[48]
  • November 4 - The 'craft server opens up for real. The wiki suffers a DDoS attack.
  • November 5 - Forced anonymity is removed on /muv/ in order to discuss Soycraft easier. Mods also plan to undo all rangebans on November 7 as an experiment.
  • November 6 - Mods move an LGBT bait thread to /b/, after threads like this plague /soy/. A mod responds by reminding soyteens that the promotion of LGBT values is prohibited on KolymaNET properties.[49][50] A rogue janny posts on /soy/, leaking information about the website's owner, Loot and his involvement with raids against the sharty. He is subsequently removed from jakparty's janny team and the site undergoes a DDoS attack.[51]
  • November 7 - /bant/ is created. Turkey Tom mentions in his livestream.[52]
  • November 10 - The thread that asked Kuz to add a 'zellig banner after 30 days finally reached that threshold, so, a result, /soy/ gets flooded and becomes /zellig/. Mods end up temporarily banning Ongezellig discussion on /soy/.[53]
  • November 11 - A teen uploads a nine page PDF titled "The Five Board Plan"[54][55], detailing his desire to lessen the amount of boards on the sharty from 22 to 5 as to fix what he views as "board bloat". Kuz reads over the PDF about an hour after the thread is posted and announces his intent to enact the plan with minor modifications on Kuz's end. Later, Kuz enacts the change, hiding every board except for /q/, /soy/, /qa/, /g/, /bant/, and /o/[56]. /g/ is now known as Generals rather than Technology. --Calmtext-- also gets re-added. The booru modifies its upload policy.[57]
  • November 12 - Kuz announces on Telegram that there will be a trial run of the Kolyma dating software on November 13th at noon EST, scheduled to run for 4 hours.[58] He posts a screenshot of the service (named simply "Kolyma Dating") as a preview.[59]
  • November 13 - A thread on /soy/ is stickied of an image of Neptune edited to have Cobson's face.[60] At 12:00 PM EST, Kolyma Dating begins its test run. [61] It consists of 19 chatrooms (two of which, specifically 13 and 14, are classified as "TR - Halal") allowing users to chat with another. A message on /soy/ appears linking to Kolyma Dating, with the caption "Stop being a lonely incel today!". While initially set to last for 4 hours, it ends a little over an hour after launch. The link to Kolyma Dating redirects to a message from KolymaNET's Internet Services Directorate stating that the program has "concluded earlier", and that the 6 successful matches made during the test run will be offered KolymaNET positions and a "certificate of union".[62] Kuz goes on /soy/ to clarify that the early closure was due to "too many underage Ukrainians trying to sell pics of themselves" and that Kolyma Dating would not be coming back. He also announces that he will be reversing the Five Board Plan by bringing back some of the boards. Furthermore, he announces a possible plan to co-buy 4chan with a friend for 4m, as well as reformatting the rules and wiping /soy/ to "kill off most of the necrobump gimmick threads". Finally, he states that the deal to buy 'zellig fell through and that "Massa may fall out of his window soon". [63] /bant/ is hidden and /int/, /a/, /pol/ and /r/ are restored.
  • November 17 - Soyteens successfully get a post to the 24,000 post bump limit.[64] SoyBooru gets a rebrand. 'teens raid a gay men group maturbation zoom meeting, creating an amazing gemerald.[65]
  • November 19 - The Unpluggening
  • November 20 - Dotspam becomes explicitly banned. Anyone caught dotspamming will get a permanent, unappealable ban.[66]
  • November 23 - janny gets BTFO by cob posters in /soy/.
  • November 24 - "Today is thanksgiving, please remember to be very thankful this day!" appears in the blotter, as well as a stickied post of Cobson reminding Soyteens to stay warm and safe this winter.[67]
  • November 25 - On the Booru, following some soyteens removing tags on posts they don't like in order to get them deleted, Booru leadership locks some new posts, causing some butthurt on /soy/.[68]
  • November 26 - After being routed to the default KolymaNET error page, the Afterparty (on starts working again.
  • December 1 - An official poll to determine's Variant of the Year starts today.[69]

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