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2020[edit | edit source]

  • Post No. 3, the earliest known post on[1]
    September 20 - Soot announces the creation of on /qa/.[2]
  • September 21 - Chino chan gets the first sticky.[3] 500 posts.
  • September 22 - Soot adds the /raid/ board.[4] Another sticky on /soy/.[5] 800 posts.
  • September 23 - 1000 posts.
  • September 24 - Soot deletes /g/, and replaces it with /int/.[6] Soot regesters the domain[6]
  • September 26 - 2000 posts.
  • September 27 - The default name is changed from "Anonymous" to "Chud". /giga/ is deleted.
  • September 28 - Soot announces[7]
  • October 1 - Soot deletes /holo/ and /kr/, and many users left due to this unfortunate decision. The site activity never recovered ever since that day.[8]
  • October 3 - Soot adds /pol/.[9]
  • October 7 - Post No. 4000 is made.[10]
  • October 20 - 6000 posts.
  • November 2 - is announced.[7]
  • November 18 - Post No. 20000 is made.[11]
  • November 19 - Soot adds /sneed/.[7]
  • November 29 - Post No. 30000 is made.[12]
  • December 20 - Impish Soyak Ears Makes his debut on /soy/[13], causing many mixed reactions.
  • December 21 - Post No. 40000 is made. [14]
Chart of activity since first went online. Two wedges on the total post count can be observed: Captain Coal incident; And one time when Soot had to restore a backup from several months ago after the server provider suddenly kicked him off. Note that /qa/ shutting down only marginally increased the number of users.

2021[edit | edit source]

  • January 19 or before - Max filesize increased to 550mb.[15]
  • February 12 or 13 - 50000 Posts.
  • February 18 - Soot likely performed maintenance on the website around 8:00 EST.[16]
  • March 3 - Soot adds /webm/.[7]
  • March 29 - Soot creates Soyjak Wiki, located at[17]
  • April 5 - The Impjak Adventure thread is posted.
  • April 7 - A sperg wipes half of the catalog with spam.[18]
  • April 12 - Post No. 70000 is made.[19]
  • April 13 -'s interracial porn board is raided.[20]
  • April 16 - A poster makes soyjaks with his own shit, to the amazement and horror of all involved.[21]
  • April 16 or 17 - The page count is increased from 10 to 15.
  • April 29 - Post No. 77777 Causes large amounts of seethe, snowballing into the Soyvil War.
  • June 2- Post No. 100000 is made.
  • June 8 - Captain Coal.[7] Posts counts are rolled back to June 2.
  • June 13- The second part of Impjak Adventure reaches its conclusion.[22]
  • July 19 - Soot adds /x/ and /nate/.[7]
  • July 23 - Soot announces[7]
  • ...
  • November 21 - David Thoughie releases his debut single to widespread acclaim.[23]
  • ...

2022[edit | edit source]

  • Confused soyjak with question marks around his head.png To be researched: Events spanning from July 2021 to July 2022. Can (You) help us?
  • January 15 - The post database is lost after Soot's server provider was hit with CSAM complaints. Post counts on /โ€‹soyโ€‹/ are rolled back more than a month, even post no. 222222 was given a second chance.
  • January 26 - Post No. 300000 is made.
  • January - February - the 'sharty is hit by a spam wave of illegal material without precedents that even ends spilling over to this very wiki. This event is the most likely reason for Soot's selling of the 'arty and is thought by many to be the darkest days of the sharty.
  • Febuary/march - Jackbox raids, Pixelplanet and Flockmod are started
  • April 21- Post No. 500000 is made.
  • ...
  • July 14 - It is made official that Soot sold,, and to Kuz[7]
  • July 19 - Jackbox revival
  • August 3 - Facebook-style reaction buttons are added. The buttons would input the following: "gem," "coal," "ywnbaw," "kys," "though," and "KUUUUUUUUUUZ." All boards also change from 40 pages to 10 pages (10 threads per page). Both changes are incredibly unpopular.
  • August 4 - Reaction buttons are removed and /soy/ gets 40 pages again. All other boards remain at 10 pages. Kuz stated in his August 24 livestream that buttons were removed because people were only using the buttons.
  • August 7 - All 14,568 Soot-era bans were forgiven.[7]
  • August 8 - /โ€‹incelโ€‹/ is added.[7]
  • August 16 - Server migration; Soot sells, and Soot's farewell
  • August 18 - 4chan janny whistleblower "J" starts posting in the sharty, which greatly reinforced Operation Dilating Troon.[24]
  • August 21 - Kuz bans all discussion of racebait outside /b/. In addition he bans all discussion of child porn since it only serves to give the spammers attention.[25] A thread on /soy/ is made calling to raid /suggest/[26]but before it can even get underway all threads on /suggest/ are deleted, with the only thread remaining being a paper shredder. /suggest/'s board title is also renamed to "/suggest/ - The Shredder." Making a new post during on /suggest/ during this time would cause it to get autodeleted.[27] A partial backup of threads before the board was wiped can be found here.[28]
  • August 22 - Suggest is unlocked for about an hour. Then it gets deleted and remade as "/suggest/ - suggestions" again, with the post count set back to 0. Jannies then wipe suggest for a third time and remove it from the header. A new announcement is posted stating suggest has been merged with /qa/. After a lengthy Q&A with kuz he agrees to restore the board with the stipulation that all meta discussion must be posted to /suggest/ as stated in rule 9 (which wasn't being enforced.)[29] Also /g/ is reinstated and /x/ is locked.
  • August 24 - Kuz makes an official kolyma discord server to supplement his IRC. Someone posts a picture of his announcement to /soy/ but the thread is deleted. Reactions are mixed, with some chuds calling kuz a "discord tranny"[30]. Chuds also shared a screenshot of the public mod IRC that promptly got deleted and anyone referencing it banned. Chuds/Mods later claimed there were mentions of splinter sites/shilling which was the probable reason for why the threads got deleted[31]. Kuz announces a sudden, impromptu Q&A livestream after a blotter message announces he has returned from vacation.[32] marking the first time Kuz has gone on a live stage since taking over the 'arty. The stream lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes and was streamed to youtube. The transcript is here.
  • August 28 - After a lot of controversy and drama, Kuz removes controversial janny Sobot. Kuz later appears in a thread lamenting the loss of Sobot, and asks for ways to improve the site in various threads throughout the night. Kuz says he plans to take a long vacation from the site after saying in another thread he would be "blacklisting the site from my router" for several months, leaving an unnamed "oldchud" in charge of the site during his absence.
  • August 29 - The bump limit is changed from 24,000 to 500 for comparability with the archive. Posts can also no longer be deleted. Later that day, orangetexting is enabled.
  • August 30 - Preparations for the millionth GET begin as post 990000 is hit early in the morning. Lainchan's 20000 GET is stolen by a `jakker later on in the day, with an epic tranny fail on post #20001. Later that day, the 'arty raids an obcure german imageboard with hilariously bad moderation. 1chan also gets wiped for a third time. Before the day ends, a sign-thread gets posted asking people to write a message to Kuz after having purchased the party one month ago. Lots of gems were mined before the thread turned to coal after hitting 370 posts in 2 hours.[33]
  • August 31 - The millionth GET ends up being UTTP spam brimstone, causing 'teens to protest Kuz to exile them from all of his platforms, which he did.[34]
  • September 1 - A soyteen accidentally reveals his loli fetish in the drugs thread, leading to a lot of gems being mined[35] Kuz leaves for Cyprus until December for an unknown reason, putting 3 anonymous mods in charge. Intense speculation on why the Admin of the party is leaving for so long and what exactly hes doing follows.
  • September 2 - A poll is briefly added asking soyteens whether or not the name field should be returned to /soy/. The poll at first overwhelmingly supports returning the name field, but later overwhelmingly opposes it. There were allegations of fraud, so nothing was done.[36]
  • September 3 - /giga/ is unlocked.
  • September 6 - Mods stop moderating the party due to a small but vocal minority complaining about overmoderation. The catalog very quickly gets flooded with all types of coal. /suggest/ gets locked. This gets undone a few hours later.[37]
  • September 7 - /soy/ gets a sticky for the death of Queen Elizabeth[38]
  • September 11 - HAPPY INSIDE JOB DAY! Just as it was about to be bumped off /soy/, Good boy quest is moved to a surprise board, /qst/, making it the boards first post. /qst/ remains unlisted, /qst/ is also the first board to feature a dice rolling plug-in.
  • September 13 - A mysterious button labeled "Enable gallery mode" appears, which puts all images from a thread into a slideshow. Post deletion also gets re-enabled. "SOYJAK TIER LIST 2023" is released to much acclaim.[39]
  • September 15 - A 'teen threatens to shoot up his school, although the image and text is removed by the mods, the thread is left up. Other teens discover that the thread is a hoax, because the gun pictured is an airsoft. The shooter teen continues making a few posts alleging he is being hunted by the police.[40] Additional transparency additions to the site are announced by Chud ## Manager, and an offer is made in /suggest/ by a tranime poster to buy the party for $4500. Rampant speculation continues through the night on the validity of the offer.[41]
  • September 16 - TOR is blocked.
  • September 17 - %glowtext% and --bluetext-- are added. Someone publicly leaks the invite to the QAfe, so mods public ban everyone in the thread. The name field is also re-added on /soy/. After the scripted 1111111 get, mods plan to remove the deletion field, as well as dubs, similar to 4chan's /v/. Kuz also returns and plans to do a Q&A with Soot. Mods also can no longer post with their capcodes after posting about a sharty pass.[it just is, ok?] Lastly, a 15 year old 'teen uploads a shining gemerald video painted as colorjak
  • September 18 - A CP thread is made on /soy/, which is not uncommon, but this one featured the infamous "Daisy's Destruction". The thread is up for 20 minutes before moderators delete it. It amassed over 100 replies in that period and many were shocked at the "new low".[42] WE BROKE KUZ: Kuz makes a few posts complaining about the harassment and threats he got after acquiring the site. Kuz also reverts EVERYTHING back to how things were during the Soot era.[43] reportedly, a 'teen kills himself during the chaos. [it just is, ok?] Later that day, a 'teen tops the IRL colorjak from earlier by posting videos of himself smearing his own shit on his face and eating it on camera.[44] Kuz, starting afresh, promises a handful of new changes.[45] /fap/ is also added.[46]
  • September 19 - Forced anonymity is enabled sitewide. The Afterparty archive archives posts on /soy/ that are more than one hour old.
  • September 20 - 2 years of! Forced anonymity is removed on /qa/. On /soy/, Chud changes to ๐ŸŽ‰ 2 years! ๐ŸŽ‚. A button with the text "Click here to get your medal" appears. Clicking the text causes "๐Ÿฅˆ 2 YEARS ON BALD MEN WITH GLASSES WEBSITE ๐Ÿฅˆ" to show up. The archive is expanded to encompass all the boards as well. Soyteens try to steal a get on /vmg/ but fail.[47]
  • September 22 - After yet another catty wiping raid, which includes CP and shill links to a dead site, Kuz makes a post on /suggest/ where he reveals that the admin of said site was perpetrating CP spam on the sharty and then reporting the links so he could kill the site and bring users to his bunker. A thread quoting Kuz with an angry yurijak is made as a joke, but because Kuz's post is locked, it ends up becoming the de-facto discussion thread. In a rare occurence, the sharty is almost completely in agreement with Kuz and many users turn on the bunker.[48]
  • September 24 - Soot holds a Q&A session on /qa/[49]He has mixed feelings on Kuz's sharty, being supportive of the moderation but skeptical of the /fap/ board. He also confirms that he has a girlfriend, which caused the chuds to join the 41%. The caption text on /soy/ changes to "Their[sic] just drawings, calm down."
  • September 25 - Kuz replaces reCaptcha with KolymaNET's own software, Kaptcha. Kaptcha is only put on /soy/ when making new threads and is not mandatory to fill out.
  • September 26 - MOST COBSONS ARE BANNED. Posting Cobsons, with the exception of still images, would temporarily give an automatic 30 day ban. This was due to pedophiles embedding child pornography into gifs and videos. KolymaNET and Discord are working with authorities to track down the posters.[50] Kuz later changes the rules. Janitor applications reopen. Kaptcha becomes mandatory. /soy/'s caption changes to "The jaks posted here are artistic works of coal. Only a fool would call anything posted here a gem.
  • September 30, - /fap/ is deleted. Attempting to navigate to the board will redirect the user to The Easy Peasy Method to Quit Porn.
  • October 1 - A rogue janny uploads an Ongezellig-themed thread, which is the worst nigger ass NAS incident in a while. Meanwhile, Kuz adds spinning text (--). The photon theme is also removed and replaced with Dark2.
  • October 15 - Post hiding is silently added.
  • October 17 - Mods plan a q&a within "the next two weeks."[51]
  • October 18 - The Discord crackdown begins. Any janitor that participated in "sharty discord servers" will get banned for 30 days and be ineligible to moderate.[52] This follows a leak of the QAfe Discord.[53]
  • October 20 - No NAS Thursday. Any NAS posts on /soy/ get deleted and the poster banned for 1 day.
  • October 27 - A soyteen makes a bait suicide thread for (You)s. He later comes out and says it was a joke.[54]
  • October 29 - Sharty staff do a Q&A.[55] A notice with the text "THINK TWICE - All illegal images will be reported to law enforcement" now shows up next to the upload field. Video embeds are also re-added, a feature that was removed by Soot less than a month after the site was made.
  • October 30 - A 'teen cuts himself then draws a 'jak with his blood.[56] A message on /soy/ appears with the text "Attention to the womans of 2 loyal hard working men of kolyma network are seeking a wife. Asmat Tursanov and Bogdan Tigbayev. Cash rewards, free housing, and other benefits are applied. Please put your interests to the suggest board or leave mesage at the email. thank you."[57] It is unknown if the message is real or a joke. The message was then equally mysteriously deleted.
  • October 31 - Flags are briefly added on /soy/.[58]
  • November 1 - Posts that have "kys" in them will show what the abbreviation actually means; "Kiss Your Self".[59] Someone posts the first blind-accessible Soyjak.[60]
  • November 2 - Kuz buys a Datsun Cherry and asks soyteens what they think. Kuz ends up getting ratioed until Kuz does a counter-ratio.[61]. The default anonymous name changes from Chud to ๐Ÿชฆ RIP /QA/ ๐Ÿชฆ to remember the 1 year anniversary of the death of /qa/.
  • November 3 - Cobson can now be seen peeking out at the bottom right hand corner while browsing the boards, reminding you that he is, in fact, a gem.[62] On Telegram, Kuz expresses his idea to polish up an already-existing dating software, implementing it as a cross-network Kolyma dating service.[63] He later holds a poll asking if this is a good idea, to which a majority of 67% vote no.[64]
  • November 4 - The 'craft server opens up for real. The wiki suffers a DDoS attack.
  • November 5 - Forced anonymity is removed on /muv/ in order to discuss Soycraft easier. Mods also plan to undo all rangebans on November 7 as an experiment.
  • November 6 - Mods move a LGBT bait thread to /b/. Threads such as that one had been plaguing /soy/ for some time. A mod responds by reminding soyteens that the promotion of LGBT values is prohibited on KolymaNET properties.[65][66] A rogue janny posts on /soy/, leaking information about the website's owner, Loot and his involvement with raids against the sharty. He is subsequently removed from jakparty's janny team and the site undergoes a DDoS attack.[67]
  • November 7 - /bant/ is created. Turkey Tom mentions in his livestream.[68]
  • November 10 - The thread that asked Kuz to add a 'zellig banner after 30 days finally reached that threshold, so, a result, /soy/ gets flooded and becomes /zellig/. Mods end up temporarily banning Ongezellig discussion on /soy/.[69]
  • November 11 - A teen uploads a nine page PDF titled "The Five Board Plan"[70][71], detailing his desire to lessen the amount of boards on the sharty from 22 to 5 as to fix what he views as "board bloat". Kuz reads over the PDF about an hour after the thread is posted and announces his intent to enact the plan with minor modifications on Kuz's end. Later, Kuz enacts the change, hiding every board except for /q/, /soy/, /qa/, /g/, /bant/, and /o/[72]. /g/ is now known as Generals rather than Technology. --Calmtext-- also gets re-added. The booru modifies its upload policy.[73]
  • November 12 - Kuz announces on Telegram that there will be a trial run of the Kolyma dating software on November 13th at noon EST, scheduled to run for 4 hours.[74] He posts a screenshot of the service (named simply "Kolyma Dating") as a preview.[75]
  • November 13 - A thread on /soy/ is stickied of an image of Neptune edited to have Cobson's face.[76] At 12:00 PM EST, Kolyma Dating begins its test run. [77] It consists of 19 chatrooms (two of which, specifically 13 and 14, are classified as "TR - Halal") allowing users to chat with another. A message on /soy/ appears linking to Kolyma Dating, with the caption "Stop being a lonely incel today!". While initially set to last for 4 hours, it ends a little over an hour after launch. The link to Kolyma Dating redirects to a message from KolymaNET's Internet Services Directorate stating that the program has "concluded earlier", and that the 6 successful matches made during the test run will be offered KolymaNET positions and a "certificate of union".[78] Kuz goes on /soy/ to clarify that the early closure was due to "too many underage Ukrainians trying to sell pics of themselves" and that Kolyma Dating would not be coming back. He also announces that he will be reversing the Five Board Plan by bringing back some of the boards. Furthermore, he announces a possible plan to co-buy 4chan with a friend for 4m, as well as reformatting the rules and wiping /soy/ to "kill off most of the necrobump gimmick threads". Finally, he states that the deal to buy 'zellig fell through and that "Massa may fall out of his window soon". [79] /bant/ is hidden and /int/, /a/, /pol/ and /r/ are restored.
  • November 17 - Soyteens successfully get a post to the 24,000 post bump limit.[80] SoyBooru gets a rebrand. 'teens raid a gay men group masturbation video call, creating an amazing gemerald.[81]
  • November 19 - The Unpluggening
  • November 20 - discovers Sennvenn, kicking off the funniest saga in site history. Sennvenn was a tranny twitch streamer who had been doxxed by the site discovered this, and decided to raid his twitch stream. The events that followed were: Pizza's being sent to their house, him being swatted,[82] gore being sent to his mother's facebook page, his nudes being leaked,[83] his nudes being sent to his mother's facebook page, his parents coming into his room and yelling at him (which he livestreamed to his entire audience),[84] his friends being doxxed and sent pizza,[85] him getting kicked out of his parents home,[86][87] his twitch account getting deleted[88] and him becoming homeless. The entire saga is too long to fully list on the history page, and there were many gems created throughout it, so It is reccomended that you check out Sennvenn's full soywiki page by clicking on this hyperlink. The Sennvenn saga is often considered the most successful troll in site history, as Sennvenn's entire life was completely ruined by it, and he was forced off of the internet. Dotspam becomes explicitly banned. Anyone caught dotspamming will get a permanent, unappealable ban.[89]
  • November 23 - A Janny gets BTFO by Cobson posters in /soy/.This happened, ok?
  • November 24 - "Today is thanksgiving, please remember to be very thankful this day!" appears in the blotter, as well as a stickied post of Cobson reminding soyteens to stay warm and safe this winter.[90]
  • November 25 - On the Booru, following some soyteens removing tags on posts they don't like in order to get them deleted, Booru moderators lock some new posts, causing some butthurt on /soy/.[91]
  • November 26 - After being routed to the default KolymaNET error page, the Afterparty (on starts working again.
  • December 1 - An official poll to determine's Variant of the Year started.[92] Voting lasted until December 14th.
  • December 3 - On his Telegram, Kuz posted a screenshot of an e-mail he received from an account ending in that had the subject "Threats to Life". He captioned the screenshot "Enough with the fake shooting hoax threads." Assuming Kuz isn't trolling us, this is the second time that Kuz publicly announced that the sharty has ever noticed by the FBI, following another school shooting threat a few months ago. It most likely would have been caused by this thread from the day prior (which apparently was posted from Langley, Virginia[93]). On the same day, Kuz posts "4CHAN 2023." It is unknown if Kuz closed a deal with Hiroyuki or something else.[94] This gives 'teens hope that /qa/ will have the last laugh. A 'teen makes Bobe, a variant that mocks Froge.
  • December 4 - SoyBooru temporarily shuts down for maintenance.
  • December 7 - A notice with the following text shows up: "Bans issued this week: 6,201." Azmat Tushkanov, a Kolyma employee then posts the following: "Hello to spammers I am Azmat Tushkanov, i am here from emergency resources center of kolyma. I came here to gives a specil thanks to spammer for of making great contribution to kolyma by letting IP's are add to our database for anti spam. Sincerely, Asmat."[95] This follows a large spam attack.
  • December 8 - The Ongezellig banner gets added, after pressure to do so mounts.[96]
  • December 9 - Kuz decides to play a prank on 'teens by pretending the site has been seized by the FBI. [97][98]
  • December 11 - After days of nightly scat raids, janitor applications re-open. Posts also get Christmas hats.
  • December 12 - Turkey Tom, after getting spammed by soyteens, says Kuz could join his stream if he sends him a 100 dollar superchat. However, Kuz is not present. [99]
  • December 16 - All external links on the party now direct to For example, linking to will link to
  • December 17 - A [!] button now appears next to all posts, which allows you to report posts directly to KolymaNET. This button replaces the old report feature.[100] Posts can now be reported on the party's Log Warehouse. Kuz also does a Q&A.
  • December 19 - The Booru went down again. A 'teen leaks the infamous and highly secretive ratio.js, creating a cascade of scripted spam.
  • December 26 - The Christmas theme is removed.
  • December 28 - The option to set custom User JS is silently removed.

2023[edit | edit source]

  • January 1 - Kuz completely overhauls the rules.[101] Seeing that Jak 'n Fap is (de jure) no longer against the rules, a soyteen starts the first major thread in months. Some 'teens theorize that Kuz converted to Islam.
  • January 4 - A 'teen starts graffitiing soy and Kolyma-related things on the streets. A Kolyma employee posts his tabs in a thread titled "ITT: WE POST OUR TABS."[102] Mods move the necrobumped Ongezellig thread to /test/, and it is later deleted.
  • January 6 - Lifesucksthenyoudie pays some people on Fiverr to make a video titled "I Love Cobson."[103] The archive starts working again. A soyteen makes a website called, a shock site very similar to, and start spamming it everywhere. The soymoji chart is completed.[104] /giga/ and /bant/ are quietly unlocked.
  • January 7 - Some minor changes to the design of the site. For posts, "No." was changed to "โ„–." Users are no longer known as "Chud," as no name shows up anymore. Visible e-mails were also removed, with visible sage replacing it. Users can still view if a post had something in the e-mail field by using inspect element. These changes are very quickly reversed, with the exception of the post number and visible sage.
  • January 8 - Nightly Raids return, with the catalog being flooded with MrBeast spam, as well as the site being DDoSed.
  • January 9 - reCAPTCHA and Cloudflare shields are enabled (for posts and replies) in order to brace for the >>>/soy/2000000 GET, which is achieved later that day. Despite the GET being considered brimstone by many, Kuz had a positive outlook, writing "It took just a week short of 2 years for us to reach 1,000,000 posts on /soy/, but only 4 months for it to reach its 2,000,000th post. Time goes by so fast!... here's to another million posts, it'll go by real quickly. ๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿพโค๏ธ" on his Telegram.[105] Post deletion gets de-facto disabled, with the timer being changed from 10 seconds to 3 years.[106]
  • January 10 - Soot-style moderation, when it comes to NAS, returns to /soy/ as a test.[107]
  • January 11 - /incel/ comes back, which becomes a containment board for hostilely off-topic posts which are generally disliked by the community and used to be allowed on /soy/.[108] This coincides with KolymaNET cracking down of the promotion of LGBT issues on its network.[109] Some Russian text "ะ–ะธั‚ัŒ ัั‚ะฐะปะพ ะปัƒั‡ัˆะต..." (Life got better...) shows as an announcement.
  • January 12 - /soy/ temporarily goes under the unforgiving eye of ROBOT9000: Anyone that makes a non-original post gets temporarily muted. This was found to have been a mistake: An announcement with the text "I am sorry for the sub par moderation in the past 9 days, there has been alot of misbehavior, but it will be fixed now. Due to the large quantity of spam, i decided to wipe the board. Also, the robot was accidentally enabled for 1 hour and 33 minutes." showed up.It just did, ok?
  • January 13 - Soyteens have an autistic temper tantrum over some Twitter kike nobody who called the site a "wojak site" or something. 'teens own him epic style by committing federal crimes.[110] Kuz announces that KNN (Kolyma News Navigator) has returned. Sharty fixes is deleted. KNN gets integrated with the 'party. A 'teen trolls infamous right-wing grifter Nick Fuentes with a gemmy livestream donation.[111]
  • January 16 - A 'teen that goes by the name "NIGGERWEED@SOYJAK.PARTY" goes through leaked databases in order to hack various WordPress websites.[112]
  • January 18 - temporarily goes down, which leads some 'teens to believe that the site is down for good. /soy/'s catalog gets completely wiped. A 'teen makes a thread where he puts this article into GPT3 to see what it would say would happen in the future. One of the changes that happened was that Kuz would announce a mascot called Bobo the Sharty Janny.
  • January 19 - Kuz announces the Kolsyetmol Engineers Committee. The program is for those under 20 years old, and is to teach people PHP as well as employ them at KolymaNET. This is announced on the party. Soyjak Wiki changes its skin from Timeless to Monobook.
  • January 21 - becomes "Paused" by Kolyma, possibly due to maintenance.[113]
  • January 22 - Soyteens start making stealthjaks with a program called Maregic. The owner of Maregic realized then and changed the background to a porn image of Twilight Sparkle along with the text "JAKNIGGERS KILL YOURSELVES".[114][115] No NAS day returns.
  • January 24 - An anonymous mod (or janny posting with a capcode) finally responds to a ban evader by dropping redpills in a thread.[116] A thread is made asking for board suggestions; Despicable Me music plays in the background.[117]
  • January 25 - the sharty reports an account scraping the Booru with a bot and posting on Twitter and doxxes its owner: a 30 years old israeli man. For once, it really was da joos.
  • January 26 - Sharty gets a notice warning everyone that users are responsible for their own posts
  • January 27 - /raid/ is back and gets almost instantly spammed with advertisements of the coal site. /v/ and /tech/ get added. /r9k/ and /fap/ get re-added later that day. Old boards, such as /b/ or /muv/, were changed into [REDACTED]. A lot of backend changes are made
  • January 28 - 'teens sucefully doxx Inรฉs Moro, an ugly asian-french femchud from the 'fe that made coal pedophile soyteen fanart. Kuz messes with the CSS, such as inverting all colors, making the post count start with ฯช, and making text slowly squeeze together. The catalog gets completely wiped.
  • January 29 - Kuz removes post timers.[118] A sticky is made asking soyteens to embrace the New Normalโ„ข.
  • January 30 - Kolyma becomes the default skin + /fap/ is hidden, then later removed. Turkey Tom confirms that he at the very least lurks the 'sharty. Tom later posts in a thread.[119] A 'teen starts a DOOM thread.
  • February 2 - The DOOM thread gets derailed and later moved to /incel/, after commotion concerning the thread possibly now being run by a Discorder. This move causes an unusually large mixed reaction.[120][121]
  • February 4 - A federal contractor, or at least someone pretending to be one, does an AMA on The thread later gets taken down by mods after it gets spammed with illegal content.[122] Sharty gets temporarily paused for a brief moment as people panic ((damage control)).
  • February 11 - /fap/ gets silently re-added.
  • February 12 - A mysterious audio file is played on the sharty. You will NOT investigate it. It's the distorted sound of 33 niggers getting tortured.[it just is, ok?]
  • February 13 - 'teens plan an oldfag-style IRL raid at castro street in San Francisco. /soy/ now only has 20 pages instead of 40.
  • February 15 - The catalog gets flooded with Colorjaks. A Know Your Meme page about the 'party gets made.[123] 'Teens attempt to dox the creator of the Know Your Meme page as retribution.
  • February 18 - A 'teen hangs a poster in Venice Beach, California.[124]
  • February 19 - Kuz plays around with the CSS a bit more, such as making everything a triangle and making replies tilt in.
  • February 20 - 'teens start making Elsagate-style children soyjak videos to game the YouTube Kids algorithm.[125] The threads, however, get derailed by an ARG. Some software changes are noticed on It is unknown what these changes were forwhat was noticed exactly? were testing, but phoneposters couldn't post, with a error message that contained the string detectMobileUser, suggesting that Kuz started testing mobile user detection, or that a slip-up revealed datamining that was already in place.[126][127] Others speculated that an ASCII tag was being added, as that was used in /test/.
  • February 21 - Frogposting is officially banned. The catalog also gets wiped.
  • February 22 - Learn Numbers and Colors with Feraljak | Educational Soyjak Video for Children rapidly surpasses the latest episode of Ongezellig in youtube views.
  • February 23 - starts changing into many different languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, and Hebrew.
  • February 24 - SoyBooru accidentally approves a NAS image of a Black Man in a sexual pose.[128][129]
  • February 26 - Janny accidentally (?) pins a thread of a bird , igniting possibly one of the worst best threads in the history of the 'sharty.[130] Later the same day a thread voting on whether Ongezellig should be banned from /soy/ or not descends into a similar bout of schizophrenia due to 2 NAS spammers fighting [131]
  • February 27 - Infamous nigger comedian Sam Hyde posts a 'jak from the sharty on the same day it's made, possibly revealing he is a 'teen.[132] [133] (Or that some 'teen DM'd it on twitter you wishful idiots) There are threads stating that the Soyvil War 3 is going to happen very soon and it will be between anti-zellig posters and pro-zellig posters. The spoiler photo was changed from "Gold" to "Gem".[134] Mods announce that Post No. 2419157 will have a yellow background,[135] and 'teens are shocked when it actually does.[136] /nate/ gets renamed from "Coal" to "gems".[137]
  • February 28 - All threads but one get wiped, as mods try an experiment where soyteens can only post on one thread.[138] Images are now stored at KolymaNET's CDN website, The default URL scheme changed from ht๐…บtps:// NAME/res/THREAD ID.html to htt๐…บps:// NAME/thread/THREAD ID.html.[139]
  • March 1 - 711chan raid, possibly the biggest one ever.
  • March 2 - A janny does a super-rare public ban on a frognigger after he asks the jannies to ban all trannies. This incident is widely celebrated, because frogniggers are insufferable. discovers the tranny twitch streamer lifeinmastermode. raids his discord server with coinslot, doxxes him, discovers his phone number and repeatedly sends him pizzas[140][141]. Two different soyteens call him, (one of them does so twice) and make fun of him until he hangs up. A link to a compilation of the calls made by the second soyteen can be found here.
  • March 3 - A small breadtuber makes a video claiming Soygate is a secret alt-right operation. Soyteens retaliate by doxxing him. The video is then promptly removed by the frightened 'tuber. The catalog gets wiped.
  • March 4 - Popular Roblox youtuber Ruben Sim confirms that he browses the party and regularly participates in raid threads.[142][143]
  • March 5 - Someone claiming to have met Kuz in the army makes a thread on /soy/[144]. After days of intense scrutiny and speculation about him, Kuz embeds Michael Jackson's song "Leave me Alone" in the thread. 'teens dox a random old lady just because.[145]
  • March 6 - In the early morning, Kuz posts in a thread about the deletion of /qa/, where he reveals the reason he believes /qa/ was deleted. The thread instantly blows up, with over 200 replies to his posts being made in 20 minutes.[146] It's March 6th, the day Bobo is supposed to become the mascot! Soyjak Wiki changes its logo temporarily to Bobo for the occasion. Bobo will always be a gem. /soy/ gets wiped yet again. The birth of Tabjaks/splicejaks.
  • March 8 - Mods start moving doxxing, harassment, and raid threads to /raid/.
  • March 9 - A mod announces: "Jackbox, transgender people doxxes, and retaliation type threads will now all be moved to /incel/ and /raid/-ACKKKKKK." That message later gets redacted and the mod gets punished. The "decision"[147] to ban most raid threads gets vetoed and all threads gets moved back to /soy/.[148]
  • March 10 - /QA/ FUCKING WINS!!!!!!!!!!! - In perhaps the most important GET in party history, (arguably only beaten by the /s4s/ get), /soy/ manages to steal /lgbt/'s 30 millionth get. [149] This day is known as Mario day because mar10 looks like mario.
  • March 11 - The catalog gets wiped again. 'Teens make a half-assed dox and harass a tranny because he made some awful music.
  • March 12 - Attempt at raiding ends up in infinite seething form their part.[150] Some 'teen buys the domain, and makes it redirect to the /soy/ board.
  • March 13 - A random thread is rapidly spammed full of 18 digit number hundreds of times, severely lagging the site and making posting difficult. [151] [a] Soyteens are confused, and speculate as to the reason. A few minutes after this, turns on Cloudfare's DDOS protection, and the attack stops. 4 minutes after Cloludfare was enabled, a 'teen made a thread announcing he had DDOS'd rdrama, implying that the spam attack was part of a retaliatory attack by them. Although this is initially believed, it is quickly realized that he has no evidence he was actually behind the DDOS, and 'teens overwhelmingly conclude he is an offsite user trying to provide a casus belli for rdrama to raid [152] It is currently believed that the rdrama and attacks are unrelated. Various fuckery occurs with the poster username, being changed from "Chud" to "Chu" to "CHVD" over the course of an hour.[153]
  • March 14 - A fake Chrome "This page is unavailable" page appears for a few minutes. All hell breaks loose on the 'sharty.
  • March 16 - /soy/ gets wiped by BBC spam as well as advertisements to a certain splinter site.
  • March 17 - [minecraft] is added to the header of the site.
  • March 18 - and SoyBooru take a very hardlined approach against Discord, mandating that users leave them immediately, as a crackdown may be happening soon.
  • March 19 - The entire catalog gets wiped from a nightly raid.
  • March 21 - The catalog is rapidly spammed with images of the nerd emoji and random strings of text. A couple of seconds after the spam begins, the site is updated so a neighing sound plays each time a new tab is opened. /soy/ is locked and Clouldfare's protection is turned on. Spam is then deleted, and the board unlocked. At the time of the lock, the nerd posts took up about 1/3rd of the catalog. Immediately after all spam posts are deleted, a new rule gets added: "You will not participate in or promote discord servers, telegram channels, social media chats or groups, or other off-site, online communities which are harmful or evil in nature." Whether or not the addition of this rule was correlated with the spam is unknown. Some sort of foul play by the administrators was widely suspected, as the neighing noise must have been added by them, which would prove they were online - yet, they chose not to stop the spam until a good 5 or so minutes later.
  • March 22 - SoyBooru reaches 30,000 posts. SVYIDAE catches the attention of the party and thread is made about them. Unfortunately, it was not archived, and has been lost to time. Their soywiki page contains many of the relevations uncovered in that thread, though.
  • March 26 - Tanki, a communist who had been ruining raids on Twitch streamers for at least a month, got 5 soyjak posters stuck to his home's front door.[154] Tanki had ruined a large amount[b] of Jackbox raids in the past by lurking in raid generals and telling any targets what was happening to them. He sometimes stuck around long enough to make entire threads fail. He was a persistent enough nuisance to get doxxed, upon which a /soy/ user realized they lived within 5 minutes of his address.[155] A couple of days later, the same user made a thread where they revealed they planned to stick 5 soyjak posters (including one of 'cado's asshole) onto Tanki's front door. An hour after the creation of the thread, OP went through with it, causing Tanki to become enraged. He then launched into a rant so angry and incoherent that it ended up becoming memorialized as a copypasta. This event lead to the 'sharty getting featured on Kiwi Farms.
  • March 27 - Kuz joins the Soycraft server and messes around for a couple of hours. [156] A thread made about him joining is stickied for about an hour, possibly by him, as he revealed he was watching the thread shortly after it was stickied..[157]
  • March 28 - The fake QAfe discord server gets leaked.[158] It is revealed that goth was a member of it, meaning all members of it openly associated with a 'p spammer, except the gorillazfag, who tried to dissociate himself from the QAfe but was still banned. Numerous posters who reveal they are members of it get permabanned. Kuz comments on the situation multiple times. Anti-cord sentiments reach record highs.
  • March 29 - An anti-christian version of the TND copypasta (that replaced "nigger" with "christcucks"), which was posted on Twitter, gets featured on Tucker Carlson Tonight.[159] Technically the second time something of origin gets new coverage. turns 2 years old.
  • March 30 - A hash banning system is developed. As a test, posting this image automatically gets you a 24 hour ban.[160]
  • April 1 - April Fools' Day! becomes a Discord Server, while SoyBooru becomes TheFrogPond and this wiki becomes Soyjak Wikia (a parody of a wiki)
  • April 4 - A 'teen hires random normalfags REEEEEE to review Unsurprisingly, they don't like it.[161]
  • April 5 - A 'teen cuts "/soy/" and "TND" into his skin. The threade he made to show off these cuts gets 50 replies within the first 6 minutes.[162] A moderator then moves the thread to /incel/ and leaks the IP of OP,[163] presumably as retribution for attention whoring and/or samefagging. Kuz departs for England.[164]
  • April 7 - 'p gets spammed on zellig threads, causing the janny to wipe the catalog
  • April 8 - Rare wiki raid with a bunch of pages getting replaced with goatse and Kuz briefly wordfilters jak to jack for some reason
  • April 9 - Janitor applications open up. Kuz stickies a post stating that he tried UCC Coffee. Kuz responds once with this 'jak. This post later gets deleted.[165]
  • April 10 - Ongezellig is temporarily banned on /soy/, with a planned Kuz announcement at 4PM EST relating to its admissability. Shortly after this, gets seized - supposedly due to sanctions.[166] The site comes back 30 minutes later, and Kuz announces that there will be a site with a (.ru) domain in case of future scenarios.[167] A sticky is posted announcing that will ramp up enforcement of its policies against animal abuse, child abuse, and promotion of illegal activities.[168] A mod responds to a detractor with the following:


These changes were later reverted, with the following statement placed in the blotter:

Kuz's appearance was cancelled.
Due to intense criticism, the proposed rules were nullified.
They were proposed to make the site better, as the moderation sees 0 value in sharing videos and pictures which depict non-sexual violent abuse of children and animals, but since the users refused to accept this, the rules were nullified.
However, Rule 1 still applies, and sharing illegal imagery will result in a strict ban.
These rules were not suggested for legal reasons, but for ethical reasons.
But it is important we maintain the will of the people, even if their will is unethical or evil.

Kuz makes a thread in which he discusses with soyteens issues about the site. He mentions being tired and burnt out, which came from his UK trip and the site being seized earlier in the day. He mentions that there is a hashban system in place and that spammers that post illegal content are being dealt with, but commonly evade their bans. Finally, kuz publicly reveals the name of Chud ## Manager, who is known as doll.[169]

  • April 13 - Mods sticky a modified version of the rock throwing gif in which the rocks are replaced with meds. The text "meds and bbc now" accompanies it.[170]
  • April 16 - Frogposters plan an "invasion" on /soy/. Around half a page got wiped from it. The raid was considered a soyteen victory and frogtroon fail.[171] A normal desktop thread gets created, before it ends up getting derailed by a nine-year-old, in which 'teens are amazed that someone that young is browsing the sharty.[172]
  • god bless you all and I love you, sharty - the nine year old (yes that is me)
  • April 17 - A 'teen makes a credible threat to John Doe, which causes him to get reported to the Volusia Police Department. The nuQAfe starts spamming links to various nonexistent splinters, along with invites to their 'cord.[173] A nine year old posts a picture of his tiny white pecker to try and prove he isn't an AI, and as a result he was banned from the sharty and had his IP address leaked. All of these happenings cause large amounts of horror and outrage, causing many 'teens to claim that the sharty has fallen.[174] The nine year old also allegedly ban evades and responds to multiple replies and threads on the sharty.This happened, ok? In an attempt to cheer things up, the following blotter is added:

Just a reminder that most of the sharty-themed discord servers (Which are explicitly banned) are filled to the brim with unironic pedophiles, zoophiles, and trannies. This isnt being used as an insult, its stating a fact. These discords are frequented by notorious CSAM spammers, and this isnt an open secret, they are publicly invited by the owners. Rooms exist in which CP spam attacks are coordinated, and users are encouraged to share child abuse material through "trading" accounts. These are sick people.. Be vigilant and remember what kuz said about them.

This isnt a reflection of the shartys userbase, its a indication of a healthy host infected with a parasite. These repugnant subhumans do not represent you or us, they are more akin to a malignant tumor, and with proper treatment, can be rooted out.

We will begin to take these matters into our own hands, and begin action to uproot this insidious behavior.


The catty gets wiped, and anti-cord posts begin to spring up. An uptick in Angryjak self insert posts is noted, probably all made by the same user.[176] Kuz is announced to have left for an unknown period of time, and the manager, Doll, is instated as the temporary admin.[177] /r/ is re-added. A frognigger steals the 2888888 GET.

  • April 18 - 3 more 'teens get reported to the Volusia Police Department. IT'S OVER for one of them, meanwhile the other 2 get away with it.[178]
  • April 20 - /psy/ is added for the day. Sobot adds a large amount of anime photos that contain a small soyjak at the corner to SoyBooru, which causes immense backlash. Doll ends up administratively deleting the images.[179]
  • April 22- The 9 y/o returns, and causes mass hysteria among the denizens of /soy/. In response, the Jannies delete every thread he starts posting in.[181][182] /sneed/ is re-added for the weekend. The NSS announces that they have been working with the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus to arrest somebody, to which many assumed to be goth.[183]
  • April 24 - A 'teen commits a hate crime by stealing an LGBTQ progress pride flag from a church, then later cuts it into an LGB swallowtail (Faggotry is ok if there's no troons because... uh.. because it just is, ok?!?), attaches a drawing of a chudjak riding a troon carousel, and deems it the LGBCHUD- flag.[184] The catalog gets wiped. Doll announces that threads that promote pedophilia, as well as audio files or images from CSAM are now strictly prohibited. A ban on NAS racebait is also announced.[185] A mysterious page called the.html is created.
  • April 25 - Frogposters are at their maximum, multiple threads were created on the sharty to bait. some schizo forms a pseudo-group called "Gem Control Cabal" and spams in multiple coal threads. A thread dubbed "lets make this the biggest thread in sharty history" gets thousands of botted replies and counting. NSS director Anton Maximov posts "ะœะพะปะธั‚ะตััŒ ัะตะณะพะดะฝั. ะฎั€ะธัŽ ะฟั€ะตะดัั‚ะพะธั‚ ะฟะตั€ะตะถะธั‚ัŒ ะผะพะผะตะฝั‚, ะผะตะฝััŽั‰ะธะน ะตะณะพ ะถะธะทะฝัŒ. ะŸะพะถะฐะปัƒะนัั‚ะฐ, ะฟะพะดะดะตั€ะถะธั‚ะต ะตะณะพ." (Pray today. Yuri has to go through a moment that changes his life. Please support him.) It is unknown what this means. The thread was later mysteriously deleted. /nate/ is changed back from "gems" to "coals."
  • April 26 - The 3,000,000 GET was achieved after an hour of sperging, "Fordposting" Whaddup son! and kaptcha fails. the GET was titled "I AM WHITE" with a spongebob gem. P was posted in the get but was removed, some speculate this was zelligposters and some speculate it was goth. There is no speculation cuz even the jannies and doll knows that goth is behind all the 'p spam
  • April 27 - Another soyteen steals the pride flag at their local church. a girl on the sharty attentionwhores herself in an /incel/ thread and posts numerous videos of her naked and masturbating.
  • April 28 - A poll[186] is made related to the ban situation of 'zellig on the sharty about if it deserved to be permanently banned of the sharty, keep the ban like before or unban zellig on /soy/. The poll quickly gets botted by anti-zelligers adding dozens of votes to the permaban side. The pro-zellig side counters with more bot votes and eventually the poll ends up with over 3,000 votes. Another teen made a second poll, this time requiring a username. Results showed that the pro-zellig side was winning before that poll also started to get botted. Someone makes a bot that spams all posts with a picture of babyjak with either "First, "second" baby" or no caption at all.
  • April 29 - A 'teen commits extortion by blackmailing a Twitter user into posting "sharty won, newgods won, im built for Big Baby Cock" or else they would be doxxed. 'teens raid a youtube stream the stream's title is "My last stream before suicide" in the stream he pauses and his controller disconnects and nothing happens for an hour until his friend stops the stream. Shortly after the stream a video with the title "Rest in peace, fly high" is uploaded.[187] /soy/ becomes Infowars.
  • April 30 - All but four threads on /qa/ get wiped. Doll claims that if fighting on /qa/ continues to get worse he will "step in and end it." Shortly after, all threads associated with the wipe get deleted.
  • May 1 - Racebait is banned on /soy/ but remains permitted on /nate/.[188] A (rogue?) janny announces that something big is happening soon, but does not elaborate on it.[189] A thread asking for 'teens to post audio files of their voice is pinned on /q/. The audition is for "a special project coming up soon"[190]
  • May 3 - Kuz travels to Cuba for "unannounced reasons." Users suspect that this may be due to the Cuban healthcare system, of which he is either seeking cheap treatment for HIV, or perhaps some other health issue.[191] Some butthurt schizo spams TND gore all over /soy/ for hours, its unknown how he avoided a ban for so long. The platejak variant is conceived in a thread and earns a tag on the 'booru.
  • May 4 - A racewar erupts on /soy/. Anti-white and anti-black threads are posted and subsequently bumped every couple of minutes. The baby bot temporarily returns to /soy/. Another bot posts a few dozen threads on /qa/ with images of randomly colored rectangles and random words.
  • May 6 - A soyjak border is added to all media uploaded to the sharty making the site NAS-free. The border is deleted about an hour later. Ongezellig gets unbanned on /soy/ and is now, once again, allowed on /soy/. This has caused mass seething amongst the anti-zellig camp, including some goth wannabe from kosovo posting dancing swede in a pro-zellig thread.
  • May 7 - A teen posts a twitter thread of a transgender person making fun of his child for falling on his head. The sharty is disgusted, and decides to doxx him in retaliation.[192] Numerous pizzas are sent to his house, and he later complains on twitter about getting doxxed.[192] This is not believed by his twitter friends, who believe he is trying to victimize himself to minimize the fallout from his crude post.
  • May 8 - The mods sticky a thread announcing that they plan to release a "sharty saving gem".[193] They state that it will be interactive, and hype it up a lot in the sticky. The catalog is filled with threads of users speculating what the release will be, and the majority of other discussions die out. An hour or so after the announcement, the catalog is wiped for seemingly no reason, and the announcement sticky is replaced with a new one, with an image that simply reads "Soon".[194] A few minutes after this, all images posted by users become black and white. A thread asking if the black and white change was the sharty saving gem gets quints, and "CHVD ## Mod" replies in it to clarify that it is unrelated to the planned release.[195] Shortly after this, the change is reverted.[c] A few hours later, the "Soon" thread is unstickied, and doll makes a post in another thread implying the release will be delayed until tomorrow.
  • May 9 - The sharty saving gem hyped up by the mods is released -! A thread is stickied linking to the[196] It's a 1000x1000 canvas where users can place one pixel every 6 seconds. Opinions are mixed, with many lamenting the frequent use of bots on the site. A pooner by the name of Hyde makes a viral Shitter post disrespecting soyjaks, which a soyteen then posts on /soy/.[197] This prompts the sharty to to doxx her. The doxxing thread is briefly derailed when a /Pol/tard tries to threaten her in her private messages, and links her directly to the site, much to the disappointment of the soyteens in the doxxing thread. She makes a tweet mocking, saying she "doubts the soy wojak army is going to doxx me". However, after skimming through the thread he linked, she quickly realizes that the doxxing attempt is serious, and privates all of her twitter accounts and her discord server. Her full legal name is found,[d] and she is pressured into deleting the tweet that triggered the doxx. Overall, despite the failure of the party to find her address or phone number, the thread is hailed as a sharty win.[197] A soywiki page containing information about her can be found here.
  • May 10 - A soyteen presents a soyjak themed poster to his prom date, and she agrees to go out with him.[198] He uploads a video of the event. His thread gets an overwhelmingly positive response, and the video is hailed as a sharty saving gem. You can watch the video of his proposal here. The pixel placing cooldown on is changed to one pixel every 4 seconds. A moderator protects a large, botted drawing of an anime character in the bottom left corner of the canvas. This prompts the catalog to become filled with threads enraged by the decision. A moderator replies in one of them announcing that the moderator responsible was fired, and that the drawing has been unprotected.
  • May 12 - One of the most important days in history:
    • A rogue moderator leaks the IP address of a user requesting a nude soylita edit, and then makes a post with the text "fuck this gay website ran by pedophiles."[199] The rogue mod also deleted numerous threads, including the oldest live thread on the site. Numerous threads are made discussing the incident, and a moderator replies in one of them clarifying the moderator responsible has been fired and that his actions were not authorized.[200] The thread is locked, and a new one is made by an admin, who states that all moderator accounts have been disabled until Doll comes online.[201] NSS director Anton Maximov moves the thread from /soy/ to /q/.[202][e]Shortly after, Doll posts in the thread, and implies he may pursue legal action against the moderator who leaked the IP.[203]
    • In the same thread, the rogue moderator leaks a myriad of posts made by Kuz's IP, in the form of screenshots taken before he was demodded, revealing that Kuz frequently posts anonymously on the site.[204] Some of kuz's leaked posts include: A racebait blacked thread, a bait thread advocating for gay sex, and a thread criticizing raiders.[204] These leaks also included 2 posts on /int/ that had American flags, suggesting that Kuz has an American IP. However, it was later revealed that the IP was not kuz's home IP, but rather a proxy he frequently used. A user asks a question pertraining to Kuz's leaked posts, and Maximov responds by stating that Kuz posts bait, spams threads he dislikes, and falls asleep on calls with site staff. [205] In the same post, he also mentions that "Kuz is in a physical state that does not enable him to handle [the occurrences of that night]",[205] implying that Kuz is either ill or has been badly injured.
    • Yet another major event occurs. Two infographics are posted in the thread, alegging that a janitor by the name of Thrembolover67 is part of a discord server that groomed a child into commiting various acts of disturbing nature. (You can view infographic 1 here, and infographic 2 here. Click on the images on the linked pages for full-definition versions.) It is unknown whether this is the same moderator that leaked kuz & the other user's IP.[f] Doll and Maximov make a few posts regarding the allegations, and seems to confirm their authenticity. Doll refers to Thrembo the moderator who leaked IP's as "The New York moderator", possibly hinting that he was able to obtain his location.
    • There were other events that happened that day, unrelated to occurences above. A DDoS attack was launched against's server. The shape bot repeatedly made waves of spam posts. Cloudfare and captchas were repeatedly enabled and disabled, seemingly at the start of each shape bot spam wave, as a countermeasure. The bot was later able to evade everything. A few people sucessfully bot with extremely large drawings of the ylyl flart face.
  • May 13 - /soy/ raids /b/.[206] They successfully replace the vast majority of /b/'s catalog with soyjaks, but fail to completely wipe the catalog. In particular, most porn generals manage to stay up, much to the dissapointment of raiders. Opinions on the raid were generally positive depsite it not resulting in a catalog wipe, with many surprised at how many soyjaks they were able to push onto such an active board. This image does a good job of demonstrating the full extent of the raid at it's peak.
  • May 14 - Soot returns and makes an edit on and just did, ok?
  • May 15 - An announcement is made about Kuz's final Q&A stream with Doll on May 21st.This happened, ok?
  • May 16 - Teens attempt to steal the 31 million get on /lgbt/ but it fails and the get is wasted on a random comment. More speculation occurs as to the whereabouts of Kuzzy, with one post showing a fake announcement that he died.Where proofs?
  • May 17 - A lonely soyteen asks /soy/ to sign his yearbook. The thread eventually turns into a slapfight about photo editing software.[207] Kuz once again cancels his livestream. NSS director Anton Maximov announces that Doll is now the administrator of This is due to kuz's HIV progressing to AIDS.[208]
  • May 19 - Mods place a message at the top of the page saying that work has begun on "The Gem that Will Save the Sharty". A new board /mtv/ is created for music, movies, television, and video games.This happened, ok?
  • May 20 - Neutralcord wakes up, the log gets flooded with neutralplier thumbs up blogpost threads. Doll announces a de-kolymization of links are removed.This just happened, ok?
  • May 21 - /sneed/ is reopened again after the 100,000th post on /qa/ calls for it to be unlocked.It just was, ok?
  • May 23 - a large number of complaints are posted on the sharty about Doll not adding /mtv/ to the top bar. This is due to the server still being kuz at the moment.[it just is, ok?]
  • May 24 - Teens flood a middle school's emails with 'cado pics and various other gems. They also the same day harrased a twitter user into deleting his twitter for posting about the sharty on there, calling it "racist". They doxxed the kid, posted discord screenshots of various things he has said and were thinking about swatting him, but no one had the balls to do so.This all happened, ok?
  • May 27 - Soyteens doxx someone for using 'party lingo on Twitter.[209] Former president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev posts a soyjak meme on Telegram.[210]
  • May 28 - 3333333 get on /soy/ is taken by a post saying "the falklands are british"It just was, ok?
  • June 1 - Doll announces a temporary ban on NAS for the weekend.He just did, ok?
  • June 3 - An anti-zellig spammer posted several threads[211][212] calling to raid the Wiki and erase every reference to Ongezellig but failed.[213]
  • Junge 4 - A thread about (probably faked) IRC screenshots of Kuz devolves into a massive shitshow between several schizos[214]. Also Neutralcord woke up and wiped most of the catty. The Kolyma network is officially disbanded. Studio Massa announces in an interview that , as many people suspected, the 'sharty broke 'zellig
  • June 5 - THE BEGGINING OF A NEW ERA.... - KolymaNET servers are shut down, in turn preventing new posts from being made on the 'party, due to the site relying on their spam database service. This was resolved after about 15 minutes, and as a consequence all wordfilters were removed. Images, however, still do not display properly as they use KolymaNET's CDN ( The images can still be accessed directly by going to The Log Warehouse shuts down.

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  1. โ†‘ Rather interestingly, the number spam does not show up on the logwarehouse (maintained by admins), only showing up on offsite archives. (One number does show in the logwarehouse archive but it differs in pattern to the others and I suspect it was made by a bored soyteen). Also - The vast majority of the number spam posts were deleted before the off-site archive was made, but they were not deleted before the logwarehouse archive was made. This means neither of them really show the full extent of the attack, due to the time the archive was taken and the no-show glitch respectively.
  2. โ†‘ Somewhere in the range of 10 to 100. No exact numbers, large potential range. Further research needed.
  3. โ†‘ The black & white change probably lasted about 10 minutes from introduction to end.
  4. โ†‘ Hyde Vinet Dit Larente
  5. โ†‘ the logwarehouse archive of the thread is broken, and misses the first few hundred posts. So all sources for this section use an offsite archive - - instead.
  6. โ†‘ If I had to guess, they were two different moderators, and thrembo was what the rogue mod was referring to when he said "fuck this gay website ran by pedophiles".

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  2. โ†‘
  3. โ†‘
  4. โ†‘
  5. โ†‘
  6. โ†‘ 6.0 6.1
  7. โ†‘ 7.0 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6 7.7 7.8 7.9
  8. โ†‘
  9. โ†‘
  10. โ†‘
  11. โ†‘
  12. โ†‘
  13. โ†‘
  14. โ†‘
  15. โ†‘
  16. โ†‘
  17. โ†‘
  18. โ†‘
  19. โ†‘
  20. โ†‘
  21. โ†‘
  22. โ†‘
  23. โ†‘
  24. โ†‘
  25. โ†‘
  26. โ†‘
  27. โ†‘
  28. โ†‘
  29. โ†‘
  30. โ†‘
  31. โ†‘
  32. โ†‘
  33. โ†‘
  34. โ†‘
  35. โ†‘ Chud slips up,
  36. โ†‘
  37. โ†‘
  38. โ†‘
  39. โ†‘
  40. โ†‘
  41. โ†‘
  42. โ†‘
  43. โ†‘
  44. โ†‘
  45. โ†‘
  46. โ†‘
  47. โ†‘
  48. โ†‘
  49. โ†‘
  50. โ†‘
  51. โ†‘
  52. โ†‘
  53. โ†‘
  54. โ†‘
  55. โ†‘
  56. โ†‘
  57. โ†‘ Wayback Machine
  58. โ†‘
  59. โ†‘
  60. โ†‘
  61. โ†‘
  62. โ†‘
  63. โ†‘
  64. โ†‘
  65. โ†‘
  66. โ†‘
  67. โ†‘
  68. โ†‘
  69. โ†‘
  70. โ†‘
  71. โ†‘
  72. โ†‘
  73. โ†‘
  74. โ†‘
  75. โ†‘
  76. โ†‘
  77. โ†‘
  78. โ†‘
  79. โ†‘
  80. โ†‘
  81. โ†‘
  82. โ†‘
  83. โ†‘ File:Builtfor.png
  84. โ†‘
  85. โ†‘
  86. โ†‘
  87. โ†‘
  88. โ†‘ - the link 404s
  89. โ†‘
  90. โ†‘
  91. โ†‘
  92. โ†‘
  93. โ†‘
  94. โ†‘
  95. โ†‘
  96. โ†‘
  97. โ†‘
  98. โ†‘
  99. โ†‘
  100. โ†‘
  101. โ†‘
  102. โ†‘
  103. โ†‘
  104. โ†‘
  105. โ†‘
  106. โ†‘ File:3YearsDeletion.png
  107. โ†‘
  108. โ†‘
  109. โ†‘
  110. โ†‘
  111. โ†‘
  112. โ†‘
  113. โ†‘
  114. โ†‘
  115. โ†‘
  116. โ†‘
  117. โ†‘
  118. โ†‘
  119. โ†‘
  120. โ†‘ KolymaNET's public Discord
  121. โ†‘
  122. โ†‘
  123. โ†‘
  124. โ†‘
  125. โ†‘
  126. โ†‘
  127. โ†‘
  128. โ†‘
  129. โ†‘
  130. โ†‘
  131. โ†‘ No. 2409395 (
  132. โ†‘
  133. โ†‘
  134. โ†‘
  135. โ†‘
  136. โ†‘
  137. โ†‘
  138. โ†‘
  139. โ†‘
  140. โ†‘ File:Papa johns.mp4
  141. โ†‘ File:Other Call.mp4
  142. โ†‘
  143. โ†‘ He would later confirm it again a month later -
  144. โ†‘
  145. โ†‘
  146. โ†‘
  147. โ†‘ There was no decision
  148. โ†‘ File:ModPunished.png
  149. โ†‘
  150. โ†‘
  151. โ†‘ and logwarehouse archive made before archive.
  152. โ†‘
  153. โ†‘ - The changes can be seen in this thread. Skip to post number 2558572 for the first username change. - A thread discussing the username changes.
  154. โ†‘
  155. โ†‘
  156. โ†‘
  157. โ†‘
  158. โ†‘
  159. โ†‘
  160. โ†‘
  161. โ†‘
  162. โ†‘
  163. โ†‘
  164. โ†‘
  165. โ†‘
  166. โ†‘
  167. โ†‘
  168. โ†‘
  169. โ†‘
  170. โ†‘
  171. โ†‘
  172. โ†‘
  173. โ†‘
  174. โ†‘
  175. โ†‘
  176. โ†‘
  177. โ†‘
  178. โ†‘
  179. โ†‘
  180. โ†‘
  181. โ†‘
  182. โ†‘
  183. โ†‘
  184. โ†‘
  185. โ†‘
  186. โ†‘
  187. โ†‘
  188. โ†‘
  189. โ†‘
  190. โ†‘
  191. โ†‘
  192. โ†‘ 192.0 192.1
  193. โ†‘
  194. โ†‘
  195. โ†‘
  196. โ†‘
  197. โ†‘ 197.0 197.1
  198. โ†‘
  199. โ†‘
  200. โ†‘ - Post number 3167732 in this thread.
  201. โ†‘
  202. โ†‘
  203. โ†‘ - Post number 83898 in this thread.
  204. โ†‘ 204.0 204.1 Will add source once I can redact the original image to hide his IP
  205. โ†‘ 205.0 205.1 - Post number 84031 in this thread.
  206. โ†‘
  207. โ†‘
  208. โ†‘
  209. โ†‘
  210. โ†‘
  211. โ†‘
  212. โ†‘
  213. โ†‘
  214. โ†‘